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Sky Email Currently Down

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image Users report that Sky Email is currently down

As at 00:51 Friday 13th, Sky Email still seems to be down - Here are some suggestions to help you get back up and running, until it is eventually resolved


Update: This issue has now been resolved.

Reports about Sky's Email service, provided by Google started appearing on our forums yesterday evening. By about 8:30pm - 2150 guests and members were viewing our website.

It was fairly obvious that there was a problem, and that people were unable to send or receive emails, whilst using Sky's Email service.

We have put together a few tips to help you get back up and running, until this issue is sorted out.

Using Sky Webmail

If you want to access your email online, instead of going to the normal Sky Website, mail.tools.sky.com, use this link:


If you are using an Email Client, ie Outlook, Outlook Express, etc Try the following:

Use Google's domain instead of Sky's and it should then work for you.

eg. in your email client, change pop.tools.sky.com to pop.googlemail.com
And instead of smtp.tools.sky.com use smtp.googlemail.com

This is not an official fix, just one that seems to work. Please remember to revert back to your original settings once normal Sky Email service is resumed.

If you need any further help or advice, feel free to post in our forums.


Comments (6 posted):

david moseley on 18 August, 2009 19:56:26
rang sky was on 4 15 min why did they not tell me there was a problem with sky email instead of coing throug all that rubish
ELSIE MAY JORDAN on 28 September, 2009 12:57:56
email wont start up. telling me no server.what to do next? thankyou
KATHRYN MORGAN on 28 September, 2009 16:45:55
I have had difficulty with having a good signal for months, now i find i can't read my emails. I have tried the google address this also doesn't seem to work. I didn't know people had been having difficulties with receiving thier emails for all these months. Come on SKY, DON'T YOU THINK YOU MAKE ENOUGH MONEY TO HAVE SOLVED THE PROBLEM LONG BEFORE NOW!!!!! I'M THINKING SERIOUSLY OF GOING ELSE WHERE WITH MY MONEY AND HAVING A BETTER SERVICE
john stephens on 29 September, 2009 11:17:48
troublr getting e mails
Helen Moxey on 16 November, 2009 21:22:41
already posted a gripe but to further that one - i have been waiting 59 minutes on hold - this is my FOURTH phonecall today. I havent been able to access my emails for over 2 weeks....c'mon what the heck is going on.... oh somone just answered after 1 h 2 mins and im o hold again !!!!!!
EILEEN.TREWICK on 21 December, 2009 15:39:11
i came on to sky aweek ago from ntl
and i have not been able to set up a
email web site. ihave tried all ways to
find the password to set it up,but off no avail.you reject the mail address
which was supplied by you,or i cannot
get apassword. HELP

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