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Sky Connect Broadband - Are you being slowed down?

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image Users report very slow speeds on Sky's Connect

Over the last few days, there has been a marked increase in posts about being throttled or slowed down after 5pm until Midnight.




From what we can ascertain, it is those customers on Sky's Connect package - The one at £17 per month.


We would like to try and find out the severity etc and so if you are being throttled / traffic managed, feel free to let us know in this thread. It would be handy if you could give any extra details, like for example:


  • Broadband package: Sky Connect
  • Normal Speed: 7mb (what you would normally expect)
  • Current throttled speed: 5mb (Use our broadband speedtester to check)
  • Average usage per day: A little / A lot / Hammer my connection *
  • What does this throttling affect? Browsing / Gaming / Torrents / Or other *
*Please delete or amend as necessary.

If you wish to ask anything, please use this thread, so that we can keep all the information in one place.

For an explanation of the policy for throttling, the Sky Broadband Terms and Conditions state:


In addition to the monthly Usage Cap, this Traffic Management Policy applies to you if you take Sky Broadband Connect.

Excessive use during peak time

We will monitor your Sky Broadband usage during peak times from 5pm to 12am each day. This is when the majority of customers use the network and when speeds could be affected by the excessive usage of a minority. If we consider that your usage is excessive during peak times we may slow down your connection for the rest of the day so that it has less affect on others. Only a very small number of customers will be affected by this (less than 2%). If you are affected, we will only slow down the speed you can get during peak times for applications which use a lot of bandwidth (for example, streaming, peer-to-peer and newsgroups) and which have a negative affect on other customers. You will still be able to use Sky Broadband to do other things normally such as browsing, email, instant messaging and VOIP. There are no restrictions in place outside of peak times.

Traffic management of our Network

To ensure we provide a sustainable quality broadband service to our customers, we continuously monitor and efficiently manage the Sky Network as a whole. To do this, during peak times (from 5pm to 12am each day), we may slow down the speed that all Sky Broadband Connect customers can get on certain applications which we consider use up a lot of bandwidth (for example peer-to-peer and newsgroups) and which have a negative affect on other customers There are no restrictions in place for applications such as browsing, email, streaming, instant messaging and VOIP during peak times. We do not put restrictions on our network outside of peak times.

Comments (151 posted):

oaponice on 15 January, 2009 18:21:11
This week I signed up to watch the UK iceskating championships live on NISA tv. This was fine during the day BUT fron 6pm it has been impossible to watch. I have to pay you £17 per month as the village has not got cable. My download speed logged in at 1729kb Come on Sky this is not good enough.
jackspeak on 27 January, 2009 19:20:01
My download speed is down from a normal 6mbps to 616kbps have been complaining for months about this and wireless connection but getting no joy from Sky Broadband Help.I have Sky tvwith multiroom,Sky Talk as well as Broadband but as this are going I will be asking for a MAC number.
Two R's on 05 February, 2009 17:03:35
I'm on Sky Connect. Using OS Leopard. Over the last few days I have been unable to use my FTP during the evening. In the morning it's fine. I need to use it to update minor changes on my websites. It's ridiculous that I can't connect. I use a torrent site now and agan, but I'm hardly a big user. Maybe a film and a couple of albums a week. If this continues I'll be going elsewhere. Sky should not be doing this without at least a warning.
willywonka1000 on 17 February, 2009 21:23:42
hi, I have the same problems with throttling. Started service in 11/08 and rquested skymax, not available so got sky connect, my mistake, didnt check differences and went over, have been throttled ever since, anytime, day or night, app, updates any download and wallop, 300/500kbs instead of 6.5 mb, my PS3 wont even maintain connection so online gaming is a non starter, explain that to kids.I have taken up with sky and finally had an engineer from BT Wholsale(line providers to sky) call me and explain that a prog called "RAMBO" is on the line at sky's insistance which monitors usage. Its NOT working, this month 12gb, 6 days left of month and STILL throttled, I for one as told sky am NOT paying for a service which they cant or wont provide, if not resolved this week they can stick it. I have my phone and sky hd+ so may cancel lot and they can take up with my solicitors for cancellation fee or CICAS as to why.
gaoking on 29 April, 2009 21:36:21
mine has got so slow it's like being on dial up again. pages take ages to load, youtube is unusable and i daren't play mario kart online because it docks you 200 points when you get disconnected....
sky-worst-provider-ever on 06 May, 2009 21:02:11
I have been with sky for over 6 years now and just recently moved over in the last 2 months to sky connect and can now confirm with out a doubt that sky are probably the worst providers i have ever used!

(This is a warning to anyone looking at moving over to sky broadband stay away)
Kaya on 07 May, 2009 20:47:25
Ugh, so lame.

I think in my whole life, i have downloaded 3 torrents, i dont even use limewire or any p2p programs.

all i do is watch a lot of videos e.g. drama / anime and play Counter Strike : Source

I used to play other games but since sky have started doing this most of them have become unplayable, it's only CS:S's ping system keeping me alive.

cmon sky, this sucks if it isnt sorted i'm phoning your appaling call centres and asking for my MAC Code. Then i'll go to O2 for £10 Per Month instead of the £17 im paying you.

BASIC SKY TV PACKAGE will also go as it hardly ever works.

i live in a pretty big town in north wales and theres an exchange pretty close by.
Dave Leadbeater on 08 May, 2009 17:56:44
Hi, I joined in 10/08 and have had this problem since day one. I originally signed up for Sky Max 16mb unlimited as every website I went to said my postcode is ready for 16mb, but when I got the paperwork through I was automatically put on sky connect with a cap which I was very very un happy about!!! I instantly called the support line and was told the line could only handle "connect" so I would have to do with the discount down to £5.. I don't want a discount I want a fast line with NO capping!! bang on 5pm each night the cap is put on and makes the internet practically unsuable, today at 5pm the speed was 256kb Down 300kb up. I've called the support line about 5 times in the time I've had the line and each time they say there is nothing they can do!! I've tried to call tonight but couldn't get through.. I'm just about to try again. I wish someone would get their arses in to gear and stop this Horrendous capping.
When the line isn't being capped the download speeds are just, an average of 7mb down and 712 up
Simon on 13 May, 2009 18:17:32
Over the last few days it has been impossible for me to use Iplayer,

speed test results in evening
Date 13/05/09 19:12:35
Speed Down 592.90 Kbps ( 0.6 Mbps )
Speed Up 375.21 Kbps ( 0.4 Mbps )
Port 8095
Server speedtest1.thinkbroadband.com

Speedtest during day

13/05/09 14:13:38
Speed Down 6447.80 Kbps ( 6.3 Mbps )
Speed Up 374.79 Kbps ( 0.4 Mbps )
Port 8095
Server speedtest1.thinkbroadband.com
joseph on 15 May, 2009 19:34:22
i have found over the last few week that it sucks and i cant even play wow coz the ping comes on line clock work at 430 i can set my watch by it the pigh is so hi i cant play we pay for a 8 meg conection and they you tell us awww its not our falt Bt must be caping you
Medicuk on 18 May, 2009 19:38:46
Ive been in touch by email a few times now over the past few months I,m just reaching 1meg download and 22bit up making it unusable.

skys reply was "It's the amount of people online.

Is that my fault???

I pay for 8meg and it takes five minutes to open MSN I'm still waiting for ther reply.
Medicuk on 19 May, 2009 04:26:37
This was the reply I received from sky to the problem.

Thank you for contacting Sky Help Centre.

>As your connection only slows during the peak times of 5pm to Midnight, then your connection and that of all your neighbours is being managed to ensure that all users have the same level of service. Sky Connect customers are on a contention ratio of 50:1 which menas that there are 50 customers using the same trunk line and sharing the speed that that trunk offers.

During off peak times you will find that not all of the 50 users are using their connection and this will allow faster speeds on your connection but during peak times and times of higher usage your throughput connection speed will be slower that the speed that is showing on your router and also why the speed tests that you carry out online are showing a slower speed.

I am afraid that as this issue only affects you during what is classed as peak times we are unable to offer you any higher speeds as we do not have our own equipment in your local exchange to allow us to do this.
Medicuk on 20 May, 2009 07:35:38
Another reply Sky make sure you fill in there survey.

Simon on 02 June, 2009 20:42:53


Dean on 08 June, 2009 16:48:55
I've had sky bb connect since december and its been nothing but trouble. apparently i cant get their other packages even though im inside the m25?!?! regular sky bb was great, connect is awful. kicks me off the playstation network bang on 5 and slows to a crawl. when will this be sorted!?!?
Medicuk on 12 June, 2009 04:33:31
Its been ok for the last couple of weeks but Thursday and today dropped to 3meg all day.
We'll what they messing with now?, I'll keep my eye on it.
Neil Huntington on 20 June, 2009 14:16:11
Im with sky connect have been for 2 years now and up untill last few weeks things had been ok but now after 5pm my speeds drop to no higher then 30kbs which to me is shocking no matter if peak time or not especially when im paying £17 a month on 8mb i know speed drops at this time of day but this is dial up speed and theres noway im paying £17 a month for that much longer
wally10 on 20 June, 2009 16:38:48
ive been on connect for 2 years nowbut last month or so my speeds at peak times are terrible at the moment after 5pm till about 11:30pm my top speeds are no more then 30kbs which i think is shocking no matter if its peak time or not those sort of speeds are bordering on dial up.Ive phoned sky and they are looking into it but ive told them unless things improve just slightly be nice that im cancelling my contract.Noway am i paying £17 a month for speeds like that worse thing is i dont download that much and never download during peak times
david on 21 June, 2009 17:54:44
this is still happening,8meg is an utter joke.
Steve on 23 June, 2009 22:06:04
i was fine when i had sky broadband mid package, moved to a village n had to have connect, utter rubbish, i get around 7mb in the day, they claim throttling only happens a small percentage of the time, yeah right!!! they drop my speed almost every night, sometimes to an unusable speed.

now they are traffic managing certain sites, loads of people on pkr poker are having problems at peak times, guess what they all have in common? thats right sky connect!
Ray on 02 July, 2009 00:23:31
I have only been with sky for a couple of months and i too am fed up with the speed i get in the evenings. I also contacted sky and was told that my speed was cut because i was downloading too much, i dont download, i only use the computer for emails, banking and the odd search for insurance. I phoned to complain and was told that bt was throttling all bt connect customers, but it would be sorted by about augest, yeh right. As like other customers i was with bt but found it far too dear, ever wished you had stayed where i was. My speed in the evenings is only about 200kb, not enough to use skype. I think we should all call up and demand a mac code due to not getting the service we were promised and see what happens. Lets say we all call on the 15 july.
lidad66 on 03 July, 2009 20:33:22
have been on sky for 2 years or so and no problems till this week now frequent outages with no connection and now a joke speed of 832 down and 320 up .rang today they are sending a new router dont think that will solve it they say there is no problem it is working their end .. looks like another call on monday if its the same..
skisy on 05 July, 2009 16:55:21
Have been on sky for a couple of years now, and for almost a year I have been getting more and more frustrated. I am on the "Sky" Connect package, as they said we weren't set up for the other ones in our area. During the day it is normally pretty good. But peak hours it's throttled like hell. Normally it's between 2000Kb and 8000Kb down but then from about 5pm to 12pm it goes down to anything from 200Kb to 400Kb. And I'm pretty annoyed!
Medicuk on 06 July, 2009 18:50:46
Today from 5pm 678kbps, we need watch dog back on tv to see if they can get some answers.
V Chrimes on 15 July, 2009 22:14:17
Sky technical use work experience children to answer your queries or so it seems. Sky Customer Solutions are unobtainable. Sky should be reported to Ofcom re poor download speeds in the evening.
GavinC on 16 July, 2009 22:45:58
Its soo slow, Gaming is impossible and I am using sky unlimited
CoffeyPot on 18 July, 2009 00:16:12
Hi everyone. Like you all, I am very unhappy with Sky Connect due the same traffic throttling management system that they use. I am getting an ear ache from my son as he is unable to go on WoW and school hols has just started. At peak times, sometimes just emailing and simple surfing takes so long and it is then that I long for the dial up service of the years gone by.

As one of you said, they must be using work experience to fob us all. I was told I have 10 1/2 months to the end of contract and must pay £204 for the priviledge of not being able receive quality service especially at peak times. I went on the www.speedtester.bt.com and at one point had a throughput of 1kbps at 1534 hrs. No joke it is 1kbps!

Has anyone been able to get out of the Sky Connect BB early and only paid a small penalty e.g. £50 or so. I will go out and do some extra work and pay this off and have some peace from said son.

One part of the term and condition did state that they will reduce the penalty for not using their service. I think no one should pay any penalty if they keep squeezing us like this. I will give them one more call and will pursue via Sky's Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme (if they have one). This is the advice from Ofcom website. By the way, has anyone reported Sky to Ofcom. If So does Ofcom has any teeth to bite Sky's a**e? It's so bit I don't suppose Sky will feel anything. They just want money for bad service.
Medicuk on 20 July, 2009 15:05:18
Its not just at peak time's, now its getting a chore browsing the web through the day.
There taking the *iss
Adie on 20 July, 2009 17:09:28
Got sky broadband connect. usual speed was around 7Mb. now its between 300 to 600kbps. Nothing works properly and browsing is so slow. Contacted sky 2 weeks ago and i'm still in the middle of emailing them, always returning back to step one eventually. Best answer from them so far is that they cap your speed after 5pm. I however have this problems constantly unless its 6 or 7am. My usuage is normally very little too. Only once or twice a week do i TRY to go on and use xbox live for an hour or two.
chutchy on 21 July, 2009 17:55:32
I just ran the speed test my current reading is 680kbps and upload is 254kbps, in the morning I get 6760kbps...I'm not being throttled its more like being strangled, I pay for sky connect £17 nearly twice as much as their other packs and with an allowance of 40gb, maybe its time to move on.
Medicuk on 23 July, 2009 10:59:39
But the info on their site is reassuring.

Wireless router included as standard with your package, consistent surfing speeds with no peak-time slowdowns, free McAfee Internet Security Software for 12 months and 24/7 technical support.
Robbie on 25 July, 2009 09:17:12
Same problem with me using sky connect. Download speeds of 6Mb in the morning that drops to 400kb max in the evening.
After being told by the sky help to run virus scans on my laptop, iPhone and PS3 I'm now waiting for my MAC code... They really are useless!
Can anyone advise if BT boadband would do the same capping as this is the provider I'm looking to move to?
Andrew on 25 July, 2009 20:22:06
Talk Talk LLU is available on my exchange which is Chatteris and want to know if they can do it why can't get there equipment in an being throttle from 5MB to 0.5mb from 3pm till around 11.30pm
Alan on 27 July, 2009 22:25:25
Using Sky Connect & my browsing experience is terrible.

Speed test result
We have detected that your ISP is Sky - Your current download speed is 392Kbps, and your current upload speed is 55Kbps.

Normally I would be expecting 5 to 6mps with my previous service provider
Medicuk on 28 July, 2009 06:02:52
On the early morning news.

Ofcom have told ISP’s to get their act together and sort out download speeds; cable seems the best if you can get it.
Vic Chrimes on 28 July, 2009 21:06:14
I am on Sky Connect getting very poor download speeds in the evening. After two months of trying to sort the problem with Technical (Laugh) Services I requested my MAC code and was offered a reduction of £7 per month for six months. Normal price £17 per month.
Have still to work out if a £7 reduction is worth the reduced speeds.
Geo K on 31 July, 2009 00:29:22
.5 of a meg all day for 3 months and been too busy with work, a bereavement etc... BUT i am on the war path NOW, this is s*@t and no one should expect anything less than promised on the agreement...there!
Medicuk on 01 August, 2009 17:40:20
I'm still getting the discount price, as my 12 month is not up for another month.
I think when I ask for my Mac code they will have to pay me £17 to stay
Davide Castro on 04 August, 2009 21:15:20
Hello there, I, too unfortunately have been suffering with Sky and am very disappointed in their attitude. I'm currently with the connect package and untill 5PM everything is alright - pretty good speed - no problems at all and suddenly it's 5pm and the speeds drop drastically to about 700kbps which is horrific. Most of the time I'm in college which means that I only use my internet connection after 5pm and so it's not good enough to pay the amount one pays to get such low speeds. I mean, sometimes I have things to do online which just take absolute ages and i'm tired of Sky being so ignorant. You either fix it now or you're going to lose a lot of customers, starting with me. Just sort it out, we pay you for a good service and you deliver a rather poor one.
Ant on 06 August, 2009 11:05:19
I signed up for all three packages & i was wanting the Unlimited Broadband but was told i could only get sky connect, but he said this should not be a problem as sky don't enforce the monthly download quota, so i went with it. At first the internet was really fast about 6MB which i should be getting with only a minimal drop in the evening(Peak) to around 5MB. But then about a week later Peak times dropped to ridiculously slow speeds to around speeds slower than dial-up, making on-line gaming nearly impossible as well as surfing which came to a stand still last night. I phoned them to find out was is wrong but all i got was an adviser reading instructions off a screen, with obviously not technical knowledge, in the end she tried to blame my equipment, which i know for a fact is perfectly fine. I don't download excessively around 20GB - 25GB's a month. I am obviously not getting what i am paying for and i feel like i have been miss sold the broadband package.
fed up on 16 August, 2009 15:04:55
I just joined sky, and havent been downloading anything and already i am throttled during the day to .5 meg. The guy at sky said it was just my profile adjusting but really its throttling because i tested it at night after i fed the baby and it was working at 6.5 meg. Did this 3 nights in a row and its always the same 6.5 meg. During the day .5 meg. Sky are crap .
Steven Fee on 18 August, 2009 19:28:57
I signed up for Sky HD, Talk and Connect Broadband at the start of July 09. I was told that I should be getting 6-8MB when installed.From day one I have been getting ridiculously slow speeds (400kbps). I phoned Sky to complain and I was told that between hours 5pm to 12am is their PEAK time (traffic controller is activated) therefore I should expect a slower speed. Over the past two weeks I have been measuring the speed at OFF-PEAK times and there has been no improvement to the speed. Again, I have been on the phone. I have kept my router permanently beside my main BT telephone socket and I use an ethernet cable to connect to my PC. Warning....Sky helpdesk insist you carry this setup out. I was told by sky to check what speed my router is receiving. I did this by logging onto (u/name: admin p/word: sky) it currently reads 7104 kbps downstream and 448 kbps upstream. Does anyone know what this means? am I receiving this speed but my router or something is blocking it? Currently using http://www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk/ my downstream speed is 240 kbps and 362 kbps upstream. This is unreal. Sky's service is appalling, £10 for near dial-up speed. I have been told by sky that they say when taking out the contract that it depends on your area. I agree but they also say that you can get up to 6-8 MBPS. Robbers. Has anyone got out of their Broadband contract without having to pay any fines?
Davide Castro on 20 August, 2009 14:31:51
Hey Steven Fee. Like you I have also had trouble with Sky connect. It doesnt matter if it reads 7104kbps/448kbs because that is what the line can receive and it never changes basically. However what Sky does as you know is throttle the speed of the connection which means lowering it to a ridiculously low value. It sort of makes me laugh the fact that they say in their website in small print on the broadband section something like this...(only around 1-2% of those with the connect package will be affected) yea right....
It's just an excuse and I doubt that they could fine anybody to be fair because they're lying in first place..1-2% pft or those that download over the limit which is 40gb a month. I don't and still get throttled. I am angry that Sky doesn't change its policy. I mean what's the point, all they're dong is losing customers.
Alex on 22 August, 2009 16:05:41
You really need to sort this out

Im leaving your network as soon I can it is beyond poor (edited)

Soon you will have no customers if you keep disregarding them like this. In fact you are stealing from us because the service you provide is almost worse than DIAL UP

fucking wankers
hutgh on 22 August, 2009 20:04:09
due to sky not keeping my connection stable i am now gonna ask for mac code and cancel all sky products
Dave on 24 August, 2009 22:12:29
I have had Sky TV since 1999, the full package, still have. For BB I was with Freeview which became Orange, this was fine until I lost service for a month so decided to move to Sky in Jan 2008.I requested the BB max and was told fine will be moved within 2 weeks, got the paper work confirming this but no router appeared. Phoned Sky to be told sorry you are not in our network area but you can have Connect discounted to £5 per month if you take Sky Talk, I agreed on the proviso they would migrate me to max as soon as it was in my exchange.(Simply because max had unlimited download) All was fine until Jan 2009 when they put the cost up to £17, complained and got it reduced to £10 per month. Then started to get very very slow speeds after 4 pm, complained was told it was my telephone line, they even paid for a BT engineer to rewire to my house, to no avail.Left it for a while then my neighbour ( 2 houses away )had Sky TV and BB installed and guess what.... he got the Everyday Package and has high download speeds at any time. Phoned Sky to ask why I had not yet been migrated to be told I was not in a network area, mentioned my neighbour and was virtually accused of telling lies. E mails have since followed, had calls from customer services, technical support etc all saying that there are "issues" with migration of my BB and these are with the top team to resolve. Two months later they are not resolved. I have had two months of free TV and BB with all the discount they have given me, very nice but does not solve the problem of slow speeds. They have confirmed that I am in there network area but there are issues, they even said it may help if were to cancel the contracts and sign up again ...... which to my mind means they are only interested in new contracts. I used rate Sky highly but as regards BB they haven't heard of Customer Care and give excuse after excuse. Time they were brought to book. My MAC code will be on its way and I will have to live without footy because cant get Virgin.Sorry to go on for so long.
Mike Gee on 26 August, 2009 12:19:29
Only had sky connect for about 2 weeks and was told my poor connection speed (350kbps) would increase, it hasnt yet! My dial up ISDN connection 8 years ago seemed faster than this. How long do I have before I can get out of this contract? I should have researched this product rather than just believing their ads!! Jumping back to plusnet ASAP!
Angus Campbell on 26 August, 2009 12:55:42
I work for O2 broadband tech support. O2 do not cap their equivalent access package. Had to go through dealing with sky for my mum and it has been problems from beginning to end. Got broadband 1 month late and sky talk "has not completed on the system." set up my mums sky broadband and I am staggered by the traffic management. From 6meg to 0.5meg! Horrific!
Colin Mac on 01 September, 2009 21:48:59
I've recently taken a Sky package that includes 'Connect' broadband. The sales docket I signed said up to 10Mb download speed. This was written in by the sales guy on the 'Customer Service Checklist.' Everything was fine until I fired up the Connect broadband service.
It is absolutely atrocious during peak times and virtually unusable. I phoned the broadband help desk who suggested eliminating my extension cable, which I did but no difference - speedtest = 0.70mbs at the moment - 10pm. After reading comments about the Connect service on this site I realise
that the service is 'throttled' between 5pm and midnight. I get around 4.5mbs outwith the peak times which is nothing startling. I was previously with
BT and that gave me acceptable levels of performance at all times. I will (when I calm down) phone the broadband helpdesk again to try to resolve but I envisage a protracted battle. Despite the numerous comments in the forums, I've yet to see a solution to the problem. I dare say the small print
will protect Sky in any legal action and I suppose it's a case of 'Buyer Beware.'
marie on 03 September, 2009 20:04:10
I have also had enough of the poor download speeds after 5pm every evening! My job as a Bingo Chat Moderator has become impossible in the evenings due to the download speed dropping drastically every day at 5pm.

We have now cancelled all extra sky tv packages and are seeking a BETTER provider. The excuses we have been told were that i had too many wireless connections using that router(2 laptops?) even though i was told my router could handle upto 4...Another was maintanence work is being carried out on the line...or that infact my line could not handle the speeds we were originally promised (the speed has been working great for the last yr, till about july 09) Then when we asked if we could upgrade so that we could then connect to simple sites like youtube or even bingo chat rooms in the evenings then we were told that our line was not capable of handling anything faster!

I am seriously considering to switching everything to virgin media now as my faith in sky has seriously gone downhill...the customer services from sky is appawling!
Annoyed Bino on 04 September, 2009 10:08:13
I was fine until a month ago, at which point things started to get choppy. Between 5pm and 12 my speeds would be anything between 56k and 2.5meg. (56K, you got to be kidding SKY!!) Things have since settled out and I have now worked out that my speed between 5pm and 12 is 10% of my sync speed. SO if I sync at 7meg I get 0.7meg and if I sync at 6meg I get 0.6 meg. Come on SKY, 10%!! really thats no good to anyone. No PS3, no online PC games. The great news is that because of work,kids etc, I only get access to my computer during these throttled times which means I have absolutely NO decent online experience. GOODBYE SKY!!!
matt on 07 September, 2009 05:33:56
We had sky connect when we upgraded to sky + as we needed a broadband package for everyday use and for my ps3 gaming, we roughly have about 6mb during the day but then around 0.5 to 1mb in the evening which is a pain in the bum!! I mean come on sky sort it out!! we never go over the 40gb limit a month as we dont download much other than a few demo's for my ps3 and just browse the internet and stream videos / music etc. But now during the day i ran the test and got around 4mb download and an upload of around 300kb's SKY SORT IT OUT!!!
figgyp on 10 September, 2009 23:07:54
I also have problems with sky connect, usual speed during day is 6500kbps, but after 5pm can go as low as 35kbps.
BT Speedtester says acceptable speeds are from 600kbps + but mine is always lower in the evening. I mainly use it for playing on xbox live, but the slow speeds make game play impossible.
Im already to move to O2 as they told me they do not throttle or have any traffic shapers on their rebadged BT wholesale and its less than 20p more a month if your an O2 customer. I just to get sky to let me out of my 12 month contract early!
Medicuk on 13 September, 2009 14:18:05
My sentence is up, got my Mac number and of to O2 they checked my line and tell me I'll be on there premium 20meg.


Fingers crossed
John Rowles on 14 September, 2009 09:48:00
My Sky Connect is next to useless when I get home from work in the evening. Router says 4986kbps Down but tests show that it's actually 716kbps, Up the router says 448kbps actual tested 213kbps. Having to wait while standard formatted emails download in Outlook is a nightmare, sending is the same - luckily I've not had any attachments recently or.....? The other complaint is that I went with Sky 3 years ago and they said at the time that within 6 months their Mid package would be available on my Exchange, well what's happened in the mean time - NOTHING - and their Customer service matches their bandwidth promise.
kev cole on 15 September, 2009 20:07:15
ive got sky max. at first average 7 meg!! last 4 weeks internet connection lost? error 300 rang sky problem at exchange? left it 4 a week same probs now internet below 2 meg sometimes as low as 300kb does not matter what time of day!!! going to ring 2moz if not sorted then all emails and speed test being sent to ofcom.........
Nick on 15 September, 2009 20:09:02
Im stuck on sky connect as my exchange was built in the dark ages, at first i was getting 3 meg but now i get 1.5 in the day if im lucky, its unusable at night and i just tested using speedtest.net and i got 0.42 down 0.37 up. i rang sky a while back and they said its BT that are throttling it.
if thats the case then im stuffed as my exchange is not un bundled yet
Medicuk on 16 September, 2009 06:08:17
Don't give up looking on the isp compare web sites, The last few months I've been doing this and being told an 8meg connection was the best I could get.
Then to my sup prize last Sunday up pops O2 premium 20meg Whoooo all sorted.
GB on 24 September, 2009 12:10:24
My exchange was built donkeys years ago so Sky Connect is only option with Sky. Having read all the above I am nervous and cant claim to understand all the technicalities !! But if I go with someone else like Virgin, won't they slow me down just the same? I think I still have time to get out of Sky Connect so any urgent advice much appreciated!!
HEATSINK on 02 October, 2009 17:06:30
Hi all same here!! been on connect for 12 months my exchange not ready for LLU so no choice - I get over 5.5 daytime which is not great but I can live with that come 5pm I am down to under 0.5 till midnight!!!

Been on to SKY last couple of days from first line all the way up - I told them I did not want to leave but unless they could give me some date when this would improve this current issue I would have to leave. I was told they could not and did not expect any fix any time soon in not so many words I would be better off leaving!!! They did offer some compo to keep me reduced line payments which worked out at about £66 over 6 months not a bad offer but as I said to them I just want a broadband connection in the evening (((( so I have requested a MAC code - just tring to find out info from others in my housing estate who is get a good connection and who they are with!!!

I dont understand why SKY has been getting loads of customers onboard only to force them out!! it may be BT issue but this is just a joke!!!
Kieron on 07 October, 2009 08:53:58
I spotted the small print the other day when our broadband became unusable. I used to get <> 6.5 meg and whilst it slowed in the evenings it was still acceptable - just.

Lately though it is unusable. 40kbps in the evening and weekends.

Sky are treading a fine line legally as when purchasing their joint Sky,broadband and talk package it was implied to me they were short on capacity in my exchange rather than they didn't have a presence. Therefore when they had extra capacity I would be upgraded. Sky Connect is a "con".

I'm in the process of switch away and will not make the same mistake again. Use http://www.samknows.com/broadband/checker2.php to check what providers are in your exchange and go with one of those.
Albert on 10 October, 2009 12:36:31
mine is the unlimited package 16mb, but the actual speed is:
Download: 240Kb
Upload: 368Kb

from http://www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk
Joe on 14 October, 2009 07:09:45
It looks like they're throttling ssh connections on my Connect package after about 5pm. During the day I get between 5.5 and 7.5Mbps and in the evenings this is reduced to about 1.1Mbps which makes bbc iplayer etc JUST about watchable. It's even worse at weekends. However I work from home via ssh and I think this is being throttled even more as it's now unusable which is the biggest problem. I suspect it's done because it's encrypted and it will fall under the same umbrella as file-sharing etc. SKy's technical help have been useless - can only confirm that they do have some restrictions in place to ensure an optimum service for all it's users. It's not fit for use as it currently stands so I now face an age on the phone trying to unravel what I need to do in order to move to someone who can provide a service that actually does what it should...
HEATSINK on 14 October, 2009 13:47:48
Well got my MAC code last week and have moved already to another ISP - well shock horror!!! cant be a BT problem because my new ISP states they dont throttle and guess what I now have the same connection what ever time I use it!! Make sure your new ISP does not traffic manage / throttle
ltps on 19 October, 2009 20:37:36
sky should be wearing masks

wanted their 18.99 deal, unable to get it...decided on multiroom, sky talk (free calls at all times) and unfortunately sky connect (terrifyingly slow speeds, can even grow a beard waiting to load emails at times
while at work they came and installed hd with no multiroom, phoned them regarding this and was told my order was for multiroom, was advised to write to them stating the time of the call when i place my order, guess what, sky have no recording of the call, how convenient
and they have the cheek to want 91 quid this month, my how my sides split at that

they wont be getting another penny from me
pistoff on 01 November, 2009 22:05:45
I have never had over 1.5mb with sky ever, and that gets worse after 5pm i cant play games wich is the only reason i have net, if this dont improve soon ill be switching back to virgin, you guys are ripping me off..
yea on 02 November, 2009 22:59:42
Date 14/08/07 21:22:17
Speed Down 169.49 Kbps ( 0.2 Mbps )
Speed Up 22.82 Kbps ( 0 Mbps )
Port 8095
Server speedtest1.thinkbroadband.com

thats an every day thing, what a joke, i would also like to mention its not my system, i have had simillar results on 2 different computers n tried xp vista and windows7, all yield the same, my router signal strength is "very good"
Jimmy on 03 November, 2009 20:44:44
Broadband package: Sky Connect
Normal Speed: 2mb (what you would normally expect)
Current throttled speed: 0.5mb
Average usage per day: A little
What does this throttling affect? Browsing
We used to get an average 2Mbit with BT, but now with SKY we are dead slow.
Tony on 09 November, 2009 16:32:13
Never had a problem with Sky Connect until last week. I have been watching A LOT of training videos, which I know has hammered my allowance.

Normal speed 6mb, now I am on 2mb. Is this now a permanent thing or do I get my naughty behaviour reset after this month?
Frank on 10 November, 2009 13:50:29
Time 14:44 this is the speed I am getting, my PC is connected through ethernet to the router, that is connected to the master BT socket.
I have the package Sky Broadband Everyday
One question: Have I been capped by sky!....
DownStream Connection Speed 384 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 542 kbps
NewsreadeR on 11 November, 2009 00:55:35
Frank with an upstream of 542 you cannot be on Connect, its 448

Please start a thread on the forums for further help
Stuart T on 18 November, 2009 17:52:56
started yesterday around 6 pm, all day connection was 3.5mbps and latency of 121 to the wow-euro server. after 6, it dropped to 0.14mbps and 2k + latency.
today it was fine.. until 5pm, dropped again to 1.12. connection is only used for regular browsing and online gaming.
on sky max package
davenrach on 22 November, 2009 16:12:34
How do we begin? we applied to sky for a broadband package in around may this year and were told that we could have sky connect with sky talk at a discounted price of £10 for connect because we chose the talk package. At that time they was no mention to us, of throttling or capping and we would recieve speeds of up to 8mg. Normal web browsing was always slow but during the past few months our kids 'attempted' to play an online game, BIG PROBLEM. we rang sky to inform them that our speeds were rediculously slow (less than half a meg)and they carried out a line check, they said it was a ppp problem with BT and they would send a BT engineer. He came, he tested, he told us we had the capapbility of 8mg and that the problem wasnt with them. (this was 3 months ago) so we again rang sky, they said it 'could' be the router, the Sagem that we had was notoriously bad and sent us a net gear, now connection problems got worse, not only were we receiving the same slow speed but now we were being cut off momentarily from the broadband.
Rang sky, they told us that there was a ppp problem their end from Kent all the way to Norfolk, we are within that region, so we were buttered up by them saying they would call us, every other day to tell us the progress of this problem and we were to provide them with daily speed tests, which were from 0.236 to 0.6 mg in afternoons and evenings. (they rang twice) we rang, many more times and eventually they have admitted to us that they do not have the capapbility to supply a reasonable broadband connection in this area and never have. also 'off the record' we were told by an employee that their own (sky) employees have left the service because of this very same issue.
They have sent a mac code, with the explaination that they cant do anything else for us, we feel we have from day one been missold a product that was unusable and they KNEW it. But... yes, they are still advertising AND selling the very same product that they KNOW they cannot provide, WHY?
Where is offcom? this is diabolical and needs addressing.
Nuttz on 22 November, 2009 16:33:25
Just swapped to Sky. The first couple of weeks it managed the same sort of speeds as I got with my old isp. However the current 300kb-1mb is beyond a joke. My old connection was steady at 8mb allday so I know its not the exchange.

Most of my useage is during the day before 5pm. So i have now downloaded a useage monitor, but as I used my connection more on my old isp and still didnt use 10gb a month im doubtfull that it has gone up.
Jason on 23 November, 2009 21:10:53
Similar experiences to you all.

Stated when signing up that I use broadband mainly for playing games (this came up as I was told I could not get the sky max package in my area which i originally wanted to sign up to)
and that the connect package would handle the job fine.

First week was fine, second week started to experience some slow down, left it as was told that this may happen the after first being connected while they tested the line. Now the Traffic Management has kicked in big style, 0.3Mb is commonplace, and 1Mb is max i seem to be able to get during peak times. Contacted Tech support who confirmed that this is due to BT shaping the line and 1Mb is about all i can realistically expect at peak times and they are powerless to help.

Emailed help desk who after a weeks wait finally got back to me with instructions to run a few tests on the bt speed checker which they can log into to analyse my results. Attempted to do this but the speedchecker says for 1 part of the test i need to change the user name to bt_user_test@sky.com to run it. If you have the black sky router you will find that in the settings unlike most normal routers, there is no place to enter a username. Phone Tech support to get instructions how to do it, was told "not sure what ur asking, do u mean the WEP or the SSID", he then put me on hold to see if he could find someone who could help me (this isnt hard folks!! username settings - should be first thing tech support are taught!!) he returned saying that I should phone BT and get them to tell me how to do it .... Its a SKY router BT wouldnt have a clue.

Spoke to cancellations who told me to write to customer relations, Spoke to the sales team who told me to fax customer relations did both, a week later still no response.

Had no problem with Sky TV, the phones seem to be going fine but when it comes to BB its a nightmare.

The real sickening thing is BT are throttling SKY customers, yet BT customers I know are getting 3-4Mb broadband during peak times.

I understand the "UP TO" arguement, but there must be a limit companies can take their advertising, if i pick up a 5ltr tin of paint from B&Q that said "contains up to 5ltrs of paint" but when opened it only contained half a litre that would be unacceptable, If i go to a restaurant ond order an 8 ounce steak I know that once its cooked its going to weigh less than 8ounces, but if it was served weighing only half an ounce that would be unacceptable right. We understand the "UP TO", but it has to be reasonable!!

Oh .. I live 323m form the exchange my line is fine (i get 7Mb at 2am - which is no use to me whatsoever) - this is purely down to traffic shaping.

End of Rant.
Alan Edney on 25 November, 2009 18:30:07
I'm another one suffering with Sky Connect. I was happy with BT for years and then in October 2009 I foolishly moved my TV, phone and internet to Sky for convenience.
It's a nightmare.

From the moment the broadband changed from BT to Sky I found I could no longer connect to my office computer, no longer chat on Skype to my parents in France and streaming content like BBC iPlayer became a distant dream. Even downloading a simple file like the 1.8mb Flash Player installation file from Adobe showed an estimated download time of 3 days before I cancelled the download. I've tried these things time and time again over the last month from two different PCs at my house and always the same.

Contacting tech.support is dreaded chore where I've called at weekends and got cut off, evenings and put on unending hold. I even tried calling them at 11pm thinking it would be quieter and was still on hold at 1am when I gave up. I've spent about 4 hours in total on the phone to them with maybe 90% of that listening to their hold music.

Emails to customer service take a week to get a response and they don't have a telephone number (surprise!) so I've had to do it the old fashioned way and post a letter to them detailing my issues to which I received a dismissive reply explaining I still had an open support ticket which needed to be closed before they would do anything. As I detailed in my letter, the support ticket was open because I'd given up trying to get through to technical support.

So, today I took the afternoon off work to try and get it all sorted. I discovered that my broadband worked much quicker in the afternoon and guessed it must be throttling that's occuring in the evening and weekend (when I want to use it). The tech support guy explained that it probably is throttling and there's nothing they can do about it. He put me through to the cancellation department so I've got a MAC code and can take my broadband elsewhere. However, I was advised there would be pently payments for cancelling only 1 month into a 12 month contract and will probably have to pay the full 11 months phone line and broadband payments in one lump to get out of the contract. I've got to write to the Customer Services team to find out what penalties there are and ask them to go ahead with it.

The broadband service and customer service is so terrible that I am seriously considering biting the bullet and paying the remaining £250-£300 just to be shot of them and consider it a lesson learned. I can only hope other potential Sky Connect customers read this and save themself the pain and expense.
chris howarth on 28 November, 2009 07:38:31
Similar situation to most of the people who have posted on this forum. I have never had a bad experience with my Sky Package. However, I have noticed over the last two weeks that the broadband speed has halved. Originally I thought it could have been my computer but so far I have used three different computers all with the same results. This comes as a disappointment, due to working away I only get to use the service on a weekend basis. Therefore when I am using it I expect the service to be working to its full potentional, which at the moment it clearly is'nt.
Paul Gray on 12 December, 2009 20:55:18
What can I say, anywhere between 0.6 and 1.2Mbps from 5-10pm, 11pm to 7 am up to 7Mbps but I'm in bed, I'm normally at work the rest of the time. When you need the bandwidth its been throttled, 2 xbox household very frustrating.

I had BT before with no problems and once xmas is over I'm likely to be back with them. Anyone on Connect with evident 'throttling' should be doing the same.

Of course Sky could take it up with BT and sort it out for it's 'duped' customers, what would BT Vision customers think of only 1/8 of a picture from the SkySports live footie!!!
Chris Ince on 14 December, 2009 19:48:37
Router speed shows 7616kbps download and 448kbps upload but i am only getting 1.8mbps on a very good day most of the time it is below 1mbps... Its only started happening in the lat few months, we had BT come out to check our line and he said its perfect we are only 1.5miles away from the exchange and we were getting 4mbps at the slowest and up to 6.5mbps at good times. This has really affected XBox live gameplay and we cant even download the new adobe update without it timing out. Sky can expect a phone call within the next couple of days because we cannot and will not take it anymore!!
Dan Freeney on 21 December, 2009 12:15:31
I have been having an issue with sky connect for some time. Low speeds are a regular thing. ive even been sent a new wireless router which did help for about the first 2 days then back to the slow speeds again. I did a speed test on 16/12/09 and was getting 382kbps download and 237kbps upload. this is not acceptable from a line which is capable of 5mb!!! The lowest download speed ive had was 21kbps yes thats right 21kbps

come on sky, sort your act out or i'm off
Matt on 31 December, 2009 15:24:12
I have recently joined sky, before i was with bt i could play on the xbox 360 alot with lag free but since iv'e been with sky lag lag lag..... can't even go on facebook games while playing the xbox. When i first ordered sky it was ment to be 40pound a month iv'e paid off £50 £22 and my next bill £93 in 2months.they have got my order completely wrong and made us pay for movies in adv as well as giving me the lower internet made me pay in advance on this and then when i told them they made the mistake upgraded it and again 3months in advance im disgusted in how the lie and set you up to con so much money out off people with so little help.
Mark Duckett on 03 January, 2010 18:55:16
Alan Edney's comments are spot on! Sky Connect is the only package i've ever had as i'm a oldie who's obviously easily led! I'm saving up my vitriol to gun them with, but would like to know what a mac code is?
Jon Day on 06 January, 2010 17:27:00
I am running your broadband speed test at 18:18 -

Download Speed 400 kbps
Upload Speed 230 kbps

Appalling performance, pratically unusable. What a nightmare, I have just moved from a 50mbps (approx 47,500 kbps) Virgin connection to this :(
dave on 07 January, 2010 16:36:06
I am have been on connect for a good while, it was not what i signed up for and after a few emails toon high they discounted the cost to £5.

the serve was good regularly running at over 7mb, over the last year it has dropped to 5-6.5, but in the last three months between 6-12 or at anytime over weekends i can be as low as0.6mnormally 1-1.5mb.

Have monitored the servbcie 4 times daily for 21 days very cobsistent changes by time of day, even had the router straight into the bt test socket no difference.

now talking to level 3, they ran tests today and confimed i was on correct profile and other thingsall ok.they asked my to run the bt speed test becuase they and bt can see the results, they have to give you a username and domain name to enter for the test to work.

it was mid faternoon, i had just run the test on speedtest .net and got 2.3mb, ran it on bt virually same result, however on the results page it CLEARLY my line will support 7.152 mb, and a pass is anything abob=ve 0.6mb.

if sky and other users wishing to use bt lines areprepared to pay them for such a poor service they deserve to be shot, for failing to negotiate a decent service level. No connection should be allowed to be throttled to less than 50%.

I do not belive it is a capicity issue with lines rented etc it is BT, because people near by on bt b/band do not get throttled, basically when things get busy bt throttle the 3rd party lines down to as near the 0.6mb as they can to keep their customers happy .

third party users like sky are stupid and incompetant to sign up to this level of service.
dave on 07 January, 2010 16:41:43
I have been on connect for a good while, it was not what i signed up for and after a few emails toon high they discounted the cost to £5.

the serve was good regularly running at over 7mb, over the last year it has dropped to 5-6.5, but in the last three months between 6-12 or at anytime over weekends i can be as low as0.6mnormally 1-1.5mb.

Have monitored the servbcie 4 times daily for 21 days very cobsistent changes by time of day, even had the router straight into the bt test socket no difference.

now talking to level 3, they ran tests today and confimed i was on correct profile and other thingsall ok.they asked my to run the bt speed test becuase they and bt can see the results, they have to give you a username and domain name to enter for the test to work.

it was mid faternoon, i had just run the test on speedtest .net and got 2.3mb, ran it on bt virually same result, however on the results page it CLEARLY my line will support 7.152 mb, and a pass is anything abob=ve 0.6mb.

if sky and other users wishing to use bt lines areprepared to pay them for such a poor service they deserve to be shot, for failing to negotiate a decent service level. No connection should be allowed to be throttled to less than 50%.

I do not belive it is a capicity issue with lines rented etc it is BT, because people near by on bt b/band do not get throttled, basically when things get busy bt throttle the 3rd party lines down to as near the 0.6mb as they can to keep their customers happy .

third party users like sky are stupid and incompetant to sign up to this level of service.
nailzuk on 08 January, 2010 00:39:14
same same, hed sky connect for just over a month, waited 3 months for it to go live, usual speeds are anywhere between 3mb & 6mb im on the up to 8 meg deal, like others web is unusable between 5pm till midnight,50kb/s (downright disgrace)i get faster speeds using my orange cellfone internet access for £1 per day or £5 pw, i would like to know if anyone has managed to get out of there 12 month contract without incurring a penalty, phoned sky and their solution was "move to bt" i was amazed, this is supposed to be a buisiness yet i have a sky employee telling me to jump ship, i intend to but not on the receptionists advice,so another user deserts the sinking ship, stopped all direct debits, tv phone , bb, they gettin hee - haw money, as far as im concerned take me 2 court, sky are in breach of contract, not providing service for which it is deemed. sorry for the rant! nailzuk
John Reekie-Buchan on 11 January, 2010 17:42:09
Dear Sir or Madam,
My - very ill - wife has just been given a TOSHIBA SATELLITE LAP TOP as a present which means that she can use it in bed.
I understand that the router you supplied me for broadband can bee connected wirelessly to the lap top.
How do I do this and do I need any extra equipment.
I assume that she will be able to use it for sending e-mails and surf the Internet.
Thankyou for install SKY + HD today.
God Bless
John Reekie-Buchan
korubara on 13 January, 2010 16:33:11
I am on sky unlimited and have just done the speed test, my download was 72Kbps and Upload was 226Kbps!!Shocking! It was fine until Christmas, l put it down to the holidays but things have got worse even in the daytime! l thing l will have to follow nailzuk's example..
Mark on 17 January, 2010 23:21:43
I've noticed ever since i signed up to sky connect that i rarely get speeds above 300 kb/s and then after 11pm it shoots up to a massive 6-7.0 mb/s, something i should be getting 24/7 regardless of the time of day. It's what i pay for... Do not sign up for sky connect!
Kroezen Family on 18 January, 2010 14:50:24
Same here...
We haev Sky+, phone and Connect broadband.
We should have an 8MB/s package, but I only get close to that in the middle of the night, or very early in the morning.. dusring daytime I hardly get over 2 MB/s
Very slow speeds after 5pm. sometimes I don'y have internet at all. I have been calling and complaining, but there is no help whatsoever. They start asking about my wiring, and WI-FI, and I can explain to them that I am an IT Professional, they don't care.. I have explained them a 1000 times that i have good speeds in the morning, but they still say it is my hardware...I cannot quit my contract ( You can only do that in the first 7 days, but since there is a 10 day period of line balancing, there is not much you can tell about the service ) so here we are with a rubbish connection.. switched from an expensive BT with loads of problems, to a useless connection... this should stop, it is 2010 , and I have speeds of the late 80's.... it makes me angry.. these are all false promisses if you ask me... Sky Broadband Connect is the most useless broadband you can get... even WAP on a phone is faster
Alex on 18 January, 2010 17:05:12
After 3 months of calling sky to help fix this constant lag I get during peak times, I have come to the desision it's time to move on from sky.

I am not paying for speeds slower than dial up during peak times (the only time I use the internet).
steve on 22 January, 2010 19:23:57
very much the same here. I have been running frequent test at different times of the day and get the following. 6.9mb during normal hours but 700kb in the peak time. I have to agree with some of the other comments that basically this issue is with BT. If Sky was in my local exchange then I would get the full capacity of my line period. Since part of the service rely on BT equipment then Sky have no say. Does make you wonder if this is a clever ploy by BT to capture Sky's Connect customers..
Nolan Shadbolt on 24 January, 2010 09:59:01
I have the Unlimited package which has recently become a disaster. For what is supposed to be upto 20meg im actually getting 2.15 down and .6 up. I rang Sky in the week and ended up rowing with the uneducated fool on the end of the line who provided no help at all.

My office Bethere connection is perfect and I will be switching to them for home use.
Paul Booth on 26 January, 2010 09:04:27
Just signed up to Sky from BT. Live next door to the exchange with BT was getting 8meg. Sky 3meg and showing no signs of moving! After being told twice yesterday that I should be getting 16meg, I'm not happy! I'm phoning to cancel now!
dicksdad on 28 January, 2010 17:10:57
Was getting so frustrated thinking it was something to do with my machine that I'm only getting 256kbps download when I'm paying £17.00/mth for 8mb only to find this forum and the same problem repeated numerous times. Seems Sky doesn't give a damn from the posts above so I'll be looking to get out as soon as I can and Sky will lose not only my Broadband, but TV and phone as well.
Andyroo on 29 January, 2010 14:15:23
Frustrated isn't the word for this, just spoke to Sky Tech, they said its the BT kit in the exchange throttling my conection, get up to 7mb daytime down to 300K after 4:30pm.
Also Sky tech suggested trying Talk Talk, think that might be out of frying pan into fire...
Then put through to cancellation dept, price reduced for 6 months to £10 so bit of a result, but will be off and away when contract up thats for sure, and they will probably lose my phone and TV as well, been thinking of changing to Freesat for a while this might just be the end after close to 20yrs with Sky
john tuer on 03 February, 2010 20:44:56
I agree changed to sky broadband 14months ago when we got sky-Hd+. One bill for all how convenient.
We had 8mb downlaod with bt I wanted sky ultimate got sky connect for £17 a month. (Not impressed)
In the mornings we get aroung 6mb downlaod speed not to bad. After 5 its so erratic it up and down then goes so low drops to an unusble speed. I game on ps3 my wife uses the internet for shopping and facebook.
It gets so sloe we get kicked off all the time I am so frustrated when will it be sorted.
I feel i am loosing the will to live....
bvincent on 08 February, 2010 16:45:23
try this on for size! i live in a tiny village on the isle of wight , our top download speed is 170kbs during the day. This is then slowed down between 5 till midnight to as littel as 4.5kbs meaning that sites like BBC,eBay,youtube and tbh anysite with alot of stuff on it isnt even worth trying to go on as they never load up. I tried to load the BBC website at 17:20pm and it didnt load until 23:26pm!!!

The fact we get throttled despite the fact we have barely any speed to begin wuith is a disgrace!! i will be so glad when this contract is ended so we can stop paying for the worst service in the country!!

F**king disgrace SKY a f**king disgrace
Colin Lewis on 09 February, 2010 18:20:52
Changed to Sky Connect about 2 weeks ago, get a constant 8meg. Live about 2km from the exchange. I enquired on the phone when the exchange would be unbundled with sky. They said soon and dropped my price with connect! I have never had any probs with sky
johncmansell on 14 February, 2010 19:10:32
I am supposed to get up to 8mbps but between 16:45 and midnight and at weekends I am getting 100 -250kbps download and 150 - 240kbps upload, I was getting 2.8mbps before. I complained to Sky a number of times and eventually said to contact the line provider which I did, BT came in and said there was a fault to which they corrected. The line still remains poor, no change. Next door they are receiving 1.8mb at the same time as my test, next street 2.2mb, closer to the exchange 2.3mb all with TalkTalk, BT customers are getting similar to TalkTalk. Gaming is impossible so the xbox gold we paid for (£40) is next to useless. As a result of the poor service from Sky I am moving to TalkTalk. They can stick the TV as well, I am going freeview.
WTF Sky! Quit the throttling already! on 15 February, 2010 21:04:17
Don't you just love how none of the forum moderators have even offered any explanation to this. I think they set this thread up to be seen to be doing something.

Problem is Sky, you set this thread up over a year ago now having already had a heap of complaints for a good while, you've ignored every post on here. Hell, people have been using this as a kind of diary - one guy went from 'hey guys, this is my problem' to 'nothings being done about it' to 'screw this, i'v got my MAC code, now on a different ISP and im not getting throttled to removed 6pm til midnight.'

WTF Sky. This is outrageous removed behaviour.

They don't care bollocks as long as we're feeding them £17 a month.

Fuck 'em. Look into BeThere people. If you can get it in your area, SERIOUSLY look into getting it.
matt on 19 February, 2010 05:42:12
Ive been a sky connect customer for over a year now, i get 6mb during the day and less than 1mb in the eve! less than 2% effected my butt! Sky need to sort it out or they will keep losing customers to better broadband providers! including me! GRRRRRRR
johncmansell on 21 February, 2010 16:19:50
Sky Connect user since 2007.
Bandwidth max is 8mbps typical before June 2009 was around 1.5 - 3.9mbps depending upong peak times.
NOW - Off peak I can get up to 6.8mbps
Peak times as low as 20kbps, highly variable and erratic. Peak times seem to be after midnight to 07:45 in the morning and weekends.
Affected is everything, xbox 360 will not work properly, I run a web site and it now takes several times longer to do anything. Emails containing more than 500kb take several minutes to open. Some web pages will not open properly if at all. Iplayer and other on streaming sources only work in off peak periods. We can now only have one PC connected during peak times to do anything worthwhile on the net. Sky say I need to purchase a 20mp package, difficult whent the exchange max's out at 8mb, which by the way is about 1/2 mile away. Engineers are very unhelpful blaming everything but the service, including virus and adaware running on my system, but how does that affect the xbox which is connected direct to through the router and Microsoft. There are no solutions as far as I can see with this ISP nor refund or statement as to why this has happened. Just done a speed check, Sunday 21/02/2010 at 17:19, used broadband speed checker UK and got 184kbps download and 281kbps upload.
paul on 25 February, 2010 07:45:40
not worth a wank waste of money y did i change from bt i know it cost more but no hassle,sky u r rubbish only had it 4 days make gaming to laggy and downloading way way 2 slow.xx
Phil Roberts on 26 February, 2010 20:50:32
Hey Everyone

To sum up my experiences i was having MAJOR issues with slow internet where i lived. Was on the Sky connect package as its not an unbundled area and was paying £17 a month.

Usual Speed in the evening was anything from 103 (lowest) to about 1.5m, line connected at 8126 with profile of 7150. Sky where useless and fobbed me off so much with "Contention" and that it was "BT's" issue.

Decided to try a change in Jan there and moved to Plusnet Value (£23 for internet, talk and line, its a steal). The difference is night and day, its not 9:45 pm and speed is 6.7MB, its been stead at the 6-7mb all night! All i can say is its far better than sky connect and cheaper! The 10gb cap each month is a downer but i would rather have 10gb i can use than "unlimited" that is useless.

Really guys from my experience its all Skys Throttling!

I can now stream Youtube Yay!
david on 04 March, 2010 09:43:36
please post here any responses from sky as we all seem to be in the same boat and anything we can use to add our cause would greatly help....what does ofcom say about this...are sky in breach of contract for miss selling?
Dr Who on 23 March, 2010 14:12:43
yer im on unlimited with sky first i was getting 3 meg then got speeds of 10 meg or more then they put it down to 3 meg again saying thats all the line could handel witch is a lot of bull s""t i used to work for virgin media i tested my bt line my self it handles up to 14 meg and skys telling me it only handels 3 meg makes me laff and 1 of the custemer service people on the phone was rude and told me i should go and f""k my self
JamieUK on 03 April, 2010 20:59:45
Well I gotta say sky connect is the worst out there I think. I haven't been using my internet excessively, but I downloaded one game last night and my internet has been capped at 100kb. Well that's just not good enough. I've now canceled my connection for Virgin which is going in. BT must really be limiting sky's broadband profits by doing all this there must be a huge amount of unhappy customers.
Matthew on 05 April, 2010 14:19:51
hi everyone

i am very unhappy with sky connect as I'm meant to be getting 8Meg but i used www.thinkbroadband.com and clicked on speed test

this is the results

Speed Test Results
Date 05/04/10 15:02:53
Speed Down 105.84 Kbps ( 0.1 Mbps )
Speed Up 343.16 Kbps ( 0.3 Mbps )
Port 8095
Server speedtest1.thinkbroadband.com
i am very unhappy with sky and will be leaving them if this is not sorted out

when I'm on the playstation 3 and on the computer at the same time the PS3 is very slow and lags when i play online specially call of duty modern warfare or modern warfare 2
Jamie Martin on 07 April, 2010 12:24:01
Same as most people here. Previously had BT Broadband at the premises (a couple of years ago) with speeds of up to 8MB DownStream.

Signed up with Sky for new HD Package, Sky Talk and Sky Connect on returning to the house (no other service available in my area - "ha ha")

Been putting up with sh!t speeds since September 09!!!

Daytime - Just under 6MB Down, 448 Up.
Evening - as low as 95kb Up.

I work in IT and insisted on Line Test.
BT Openreach engineer attended house and ran a line test. No Fault found. Engineer suggested (1) A new Router, and if this doesn't work - (2) Demand a "lift and shift" at the exchange. Basically moving the port I am connected to at the Exchange (which i can see from my window) on to another line card within the exchange.

If neither of these work...It's MAC Time!!!

alison on 13 April, 2010 09:25:57
We are heavy internet users, but I pay full wack for the highest package, so I expect to be able to use the broadband freely. I wonder does xbox live affect it? That is one quite a abit (have 4 boys) and especially evening times 3 laptops are on usually. HOmework etc. HOwever, sometimes the speeds are soo slow....it is a major pee off when you bid for something on ebay..and the bid is too slow to stand a chance of winning! It has gotten sooo bad we close the laptops down in frustration. The green lights on the router flash like mad....anyone think this might be sky's doing as listed above? SHould we move away or will we get the same probs. Agree with previous post...people on the phone DONT HAVE A CLUE!
jonnyl on 21 April, 2010 07:07:29
Looks like nothing changes - the comments on this page start over a year ago!!

I just joined sky and I will be changing back asap
Dominic on 22 April, 2010 09:33:56
I signed up with Sky after moving from New Cross to Thamesmead recently, after being with Virgin previously (who I used to get brilliant internet connection speeds with; averaging 8MB D/L and about 700 Kb U/L), as I live outside a cabled area.

I have the Broadband Everyday option tacked onto my existing Sky package (they reckon up to 10Mb D/L; 4Mb max on my line), with the service only having come live on 19/04/2010 on my phoneline. I am getting the same abysmal 0.5 Mb D/L speeds in the evenings and almost non-existant upload speeds .

There must be something Sky can do! Getting 1/8th of the speed my line should be capable of is shocking!
Greg on 26 April, 2010 00:22:26
Sky is THE MOST USELESS provider i have come across. Capped speed from 5 til 12, but i even get capped off-peak! The time just now is 1.20 AM and my d/load speed is 0.61mb/s!!

Nick on 02 May, 2010 16:32:41
On Sky Connect, average DL speed is 0.5mbps between 4pm and 12am, everyday.

Terrible service which should be investigated by OFCOM for serious breaches of T&C.
eoin on 04 May, 2010 17:53:50
On connect Package, in Northern Ireland.

every day from 5pm to 12 midnight, going down to under 1mbps, totally useless after 5pm, no HALO, no xbox, no youtube, no ftp, no spotify, RUBBISH!

I called them got my MAC code and moved to BT.


Iajohnston on 06 August, 2010 05:58:44
Been with Sky Connect for a year and have complained since day one, 7.9mb download early in the morning but drops to less than 1mb after 5pm, think it will be time to move on unless I can find out when Sky is going to the exchange. Can't use Sky Player at all when it is like this
r smith on 07 August, 2010 19:57:32
I moved from cable because of constant throttling. now I have sky and it's worse. I pay for connect - £17 and I can't use youtube, I can't work - I use it for my work from home, it's so slow a 10mb file takes an hour to download, 32kbps. It's the worst most pathetic service I've ever had. I can't upload or download, I can't look at any sites with anything more than text on. SKY YOU'RE TAKING THE MICK OUT OF ME - I HAVE THE TOP TV PACKAGE, PHONE AND INTERNET - £77 PER MONTH. YOU ARE JOKING!
Tyler on 09 August, 2010 19:43:34
Sky BB is a joke, i am supposed to be on up to 16meg and i dont even get past 1meg, sky have tried everything, I live in Cardiff and this is just not on, its central cardiff and 1meg is a joke.

Glad i am moving area soon to virgin media.
myles on 09 August, 2010 20:02:06
im an xbox freak so i got the 20mb was getting 12+ quite often a few more people in street got it and dropped to 10 which is fare enough but to log on and reg get under 1mb because of the time just isnt good enough
M Robinson on 11 August, 2010 09:53:52
We are on Sky talk and broadband, in the morning we have 7meg and by 6pm in the evening we have barely 70k!! This is not what we signed up for, we have been customers for less than a month and this connection speed is unuseable for us. We don't download films or use huge amounts of bandwidth, the only thing we do is play an online game in the evening but now this is totally unplayable and we will very likely have to move to a different supplier.
allison Porter on 12 August, 2010 21:40:09
What exactly am I paying for? Certainly not £17 per worth of internet. I do a lot of business over the internet during evenings and weekends, this is ridiculous! How can charging for such a terrible service be justified? I am seriously considering changing provider not only for my internet but also for my phone service.
wolff morscheck on 23 August, 2010 16:03:09
i took out sky connect in march and was promised 6.5 mbps. in reality my average download speed is 35 kbps.not happy to say the least

i was used to playing ps3 online and since i took sky connect i cant play it online or download anything of a significant size as i either get cut off or it would take an age to complete.

i will try to cancel my package.

Jammyz on 26 August, 2010 22:15:54
Almost everything is impossible during peek times for me.

I can't stream any videos from the internet (iPlayer/YouTube etc),

I can't play online games,

I even find it hard to do social networking as the site's load so slow that I give up.

It sometimes takes 2/3 minutes to load Facebook/Twitter.

I'm paying for 8Mbps broadband right? Why does it feel like dial-up. The speeds have been recorded as low as 126Kbps. As soon as my contract is up, I'm definitely off to another company unless this is sorted out.
V.Chrimes on 29 August, 2010 17:00:49
Reported Sky to Otelo who fined Sky £60 which they gave to me and a letter of apology re their crap service.
I posted this weeks ago but it did not appear on the comments page.
Paul on 31 August, 2010 15:29:57
I am paying for 20mb internet connection, and only receive a max of 1.5mb due to distance from the exchange. While this in itself isn't sky's fault, I am seeing my connection drop to 410kb, and am unable to re-connect at the 1.5mb I used to receive, regardless of time of day that the router is rebooted.
Andrew on 01 September, 2010 20:08:13
371 kbs . You have got to be joking . I need the net to do work it is shocking , am trying to find a phone number for sky but not easy funnily enough
Bradley on 22 September, 2010 14:21:34
200kb download speeds are you messing sky?? what an absolute joke
Paul on 22 September, 2010 19:50:45
Just started happening to me this week. From 5-12 im getting less than 56k dualup avrage is 34kb its a joke. WATCHDOG
paul on 22 September, 2010 21:55:20

What a joke complained to watchdog
Attila Pasztor on 22 September, 2010 22:23:54
Back, when I first got the Sky Broadband, My download speed was at 2.5mb, after a month it increased to 5mb. However, now (1-2 years after) suddenly, it dropped down to 0.5mb and I don't know what to do about it... Why pay for it if you don't get what you paid for?
chrissjay on 25 September, 2010 19:47:49
I complained and complained and so on so I said I'm moving providers and they said "do that then"! Thanks sky! My connection was like dial up all day. Moved to talk talk getting average of 7mg now, sometimes over 9! Strange how they know they have a problem but can't sort themselves out. Worst provider by far!
Mark on 29 September, 2010 20:34:22
0.6Mb today 9PM - last week 2.0Mb at 9Pm. This week I am with Sky. Last week with BT. God why or why did I move. HELP Please!
Leigh on 26 October, 2010 11:49:08
Ive been with sky for the past year or so and they are the worst isp in the uk. Ive been getting 0.4mb during peak AND off peak times. I contacted sky and they managed to make it go up to 1.5mb which was a nice improvemnt firstly but about 2 days later the speed dropped back down to 0.4mb which is rediculous. Rang them back and was actually told its not them its me basicly. What a waste of space sky are. Cant wait for virgin to come to my area.
john on 05 June, 2011 00:51:04
i think you should ask either sky or bt to up the gain on the phone line and i think this should solved the problem.
mhnnd on 11 June, 2011 02:11:06
guyss reallyyy i hatee skyy am paying for 20mb and am geting 0.20mb really the worst brodband i saw in my life skyy just am waiting my contarct to finish I HATE THEM
sky sucks on 21 January, 2012 12:26:29
i'm gettin 1.5mb b4 xmas it woz 2mb now their sayin 1.5mb is tha max my line can handle,will b avin mac code 2 get better
Cleo on 03 February, 2012 17:09:17
5pm is the deadline to stop using the internet in our house why? Cos its not worth trying, its the time of day we get home from work/school etc when we want to actually use it.
The top post is from the 15th of Jan 09... So 3 years later this problem persists .. Yay for Sky paying attention..
Simon on 08 February, 2012 16:57:20
I've been doing a little downloading on a 40GB download limit a month and they've totally slowed down my connection. I haven't gone over the limit otherwise I would've been called by them. Always after 5pm it slows down. Understandably I would expect it to get a little slower, people coming home from work etc but going from 4mb right down to 0.20mb is really taking the biscuit. Might as well be on a dial up modem.
Kevin on 06 March, 2012 22:17:03
Very annoying that the internet connection gets very slow after 5pm. I mean I live in the middle of Southampton, there shouldn't be a reason for the internet to slow down. What's up with that? I have heard the same from several people.
fiona on 26 April, 2012 19:46:23
same here folks.... 2 days of customer service calls, one more day to go.... what a joke. so- WHY are we paying our bills if we do NOT receive the service we pay for? would you pay for a meal in a restaurant that was never served to you?
Andrew on 12 May, 2012 19:39:49
My internet is fine of a daytime and I think I am supposed to be getting 8MB then around 5-6 it slows down to 20kb. My sky package(TV,phone, broadband) is £120 a month and I would expect a little slowdown but not so that anything is unusable. I don't currently pay for my package my Mother does and she doesn't seem to care, every time I try to explain its I don't care, Why is she paying so much to receive so little?
Jordan on 13 May, 2012 00:17:23
We have had sky for quite some time now and i'm sick of there petty excuses! My I can't even run youtuve without my video buffering right from the start! We have had problems with sky in the past and we are having them again! SKY have to be the worst providers out there and i spend hours on end trying to troubleshoot.
geremy maisey on 24 May, 2012 02:31:33
sky is brilleyunt
joanne lavery on 18 July, 2012 00:21:48
Ihave had nothing but problems with sky from the moment i signed up. I have to say there support team are like robots u know wat they are going to say before u ask the questions. I have done the checks so many times i could do them in my sleep. But still u have to run around like a lunatic removing cables checking lines one hour later stressed out and frustrated they put u threw to tech help.Who to ur disbelieve start asking the same things. My speed sucks my tv freezing no signal its a joke.I am sick wasting my day off spending hours with so called support team who i think personally havent a clue wat there doing either. Dont they just get it. Change the record sky its becomming annoying
Dave Smith on 21 September, 2012 14:13:03
0.016mb for the last week, reported it as a fault... after going to the technical team, they informed me that I had used 16gb of my allowance, it was only 1/2 way through the month..... was out of contract, so have gone unlimited with Orange.... seems as if the there connect customers are being punished....
Marky on 25 September, 2012 00:50:54
Just got my MAC code and am off to BT. I was getting around 500kbps in the evening. Just when you want to sit and relax I can't even get BBC I player to work without buffering every 10,seconds. I, hope BT are better.
peter smith on 30 September, 2012 20:44:10
i live in uttoxeter staffordshire in the day time its fine but at night it goes down to about 1 mbps this is not good enough please can you sort this problem out many thanks pete
Ciera on 14 October, 2012 18:16:25
I am so unhappy with Sky broadband. I keep losing signal - even when I am beside the reuter! It is so annoying and I find it difficult using the internet on my laptop in other rooms of the house. For example, Even when I am in my bedroom - which is right above the room with the reuter in it! Have been trying to do hazard percetion tests for my theory test but keep losing the signal and everything freezes before connection is lost. This is driving me nuts and this is always happening - regardless of what time during day or night that I use it. The Sky team are of no help what-so-ever. In fact, they haven't a clue either. Sky is expensive - so why are we paying expensive services for broadband that is always crashing? And it's nothing to do with the connection leads or filters as they keep trying to tell me. They work! But the service is crap!
dave smith on 17 October, 2012 15:23:38
have now gone with Orange, still waiting for Sky to remove the Broadband from my account though.... Unlimited mmmm
keith on 27 October, 2012 20:01:28
i`m on
Unlimited internet browsing and downloading with no monthly usage cap
but my speeds have fallen to 3--5mbs
this scucks

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