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Sky Broadband Unlimited Fibre Pro Now Available?

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We posted this rumour a few hours ago, and it has since been confirmed by several (unofficial) known Sky staff via PM / email etc









There is possibly a new Sky Broadband Unlimited Fibre product, called Sky Broadband Unlimited Fibre Pro, now available from Sky.

The Rumours inbound were;

  • Connection speeds of upto 80/20
  • £30 per month

However since then, we have received the following confirmation, (from a known Sky staff member) that this is actually available now.

This is not a rumour. When using the availability checker, it is now available to some customers and will be priced at £30pm.

up to 80MB download speed and up to 20MB upload speed


If you want to see if Sky Broadband Unlimited Fibre Pro is available for you, please check the official Sky website

Sky Broadband Order Page

You can discuss this in our forums,

Sky Broadband Unlimited Fibre Pro about to be launched?


Update: The product may be known as Sky Fibre Pro and not Sky Broadband Unlimited Fibre Pro as we previously reported. It hasnt yet been confirmed whether or not there will be a download limit on the package but our source imagines that it would be unlimited. The package has also not been confirmed by an official source.


Comments (2 posted):

Ssscrudddy on 10 May, 2012 08:17:09
LMAO I checked using my phone number & postcode, to see if I could get the fibre pro, & got the following message...

"Your current phone line is not compatible with Sky Broadband and Talk"

So I tried the address checker instead, & got this message...

"You don't currently have an active compatible landline at your address so you need to take Sky Talk with Sky Line Rental to proceed with your order."

So dont believe what they say, because for the record, my phone is provided by Sky, & I'm on the Unlimited broadband, & everything is working as it should be (& I still dont know if the fibre pro is available).
Uz87 on 09 August, 2012 23:21:34
Yeah that's due to the the fact you already have sky! To check what's available to you, you must be signed in to your account!!

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