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image The new Sky+HD Guide coming soon, very soon

Sky confirm roll out of the new Sky+ HD Guide is imminent, starting off with Thomson Sky+HD Boxes


Earlier on this evening, Sky posted the following in our forums.

As you may know we’ve been busy developing the all new Sky+HD Guide exclusively for Sky+HD customers. Over the next few months we’ll be gradually rolling it out to our HD customers. If you’ve got a Sky+HD box we will send you an information pack a few days before we automatically upload the new Guide to your box, so look out for it in the coming months

How is the Sky+HD Guide different?
With an all new look, the Sky+HD Guide offers new features to make it even easier to find, watch and record the programmes you love across our wide range of content, including 32 HD channels.

The Sky+HD Guide is in high definition and displays all your options on a single screen. Other features of the new Guide include:
New Mini TV means you can now browse and watch TV at the same time. So you’ll never have to miss a minute of your favourite show again.
Improved Now Next and Later banner now lets you read a programme synopsis for any programme across any channel up to 12 hours ahead without interrupting your viewing.
Improved record and series link makes it even easier for you to record and series link straight from the TV listings without having to go back to your Planner.
New Series Stack feature neatly files all the episodes of the same series in one place within your Planner, by grouping them under the series name. Making it even easier to find and manage your recordings.
Improved Search feature makes it even easier to discover more of the programmes you love
New coloured Shortcut Buttons have also been added for quicker and even easier navigation.

Why aren’t we all getting the Sky+HD Guide at the same time?
All Sky+HD customers will receive the Sky+HD Guide over the next few months. The roll-out will be phased to ensure that there are no disruptions to your HD experience. The first group to receive the Sky+HD Guide will be made up of some of our customers with Thomson Sky+HD boxes.

What will I need to do to get started?
You don’t need to do anything. We’ll be automatically uploading the new Sky+HD Guide to your current Sky+HD box. Your recordings and settings will be saved and you can continue to use your existing remote control. As with all of our products, we’ve designed the Guide so that it’s easy to use, it won’t take long for you to familiarise yourself with the new Sky+HD Guide.

If you have any further questions you can find additional information and details of all the new features by visiting: Sky+HD Guide

Enjoy exploring your new Sky+ HD Guide

Sky+HD Team

Discuss the new Sky+HD Guide in our forums.

Comments (17 posted):

Paul Iddon on 05 April, 2009 16:05:08
I hope Pace boxes are 2nd on the roll out!
joss on 19 May, 2009 19:21:02
got my letter yesterday and I have the pace hd box...
tom on 30 June, 2009 09:08:49
its been a long time since they started dishing out the new HD Guide and it still hasn't arrived.
JBN1968 on 08 July, 2009 12:15:04
Mine is Amstrad, and I don't have it. Bit annoying really as looking forward to all the hype
mandy on 25 July, 2009 17:37:07
I got a samsung hd box installed today, any ideas when we'll get this new guide?
Thank you
chris on 30 July, 2009 21:37:55
Funny how quickly sky can get the price increases sorted, but still advertise the new sky+ HD guide as being rolled out between March and "Late Spring". Is this late spring Australia or late Spring UK? Last time I checked we were quickly approaching the end of summer.....
phil on 01 September, 2009 21:44:15
and sky with all that money they charge talk about the new hd tv guide. it was new in march and everyone i know has it
so come on sky with your big big business where is mine
phil on 01 September, 2009 21:46:18
And sky with all that money they charge talk about the new hd tv guide. it was new in march and everyone i know has it
so come on sky with your big big business where is mine
Jamie Cormack on 22 September, 2009 11:00:31
I have a Samsung box and still no HD planner, I can't believe that 6 months on we are still left running the old planner while those with really old boxes are enjoying the new one, get it sorted Sky.

On the price increase topic, mine has gone up with no notice, that is really shocking that they can do that, I know of no other company that wouldn't send a letter.
greg on 01 October, 2009 21:04:01
I've still no HD planner (1st Oct 09) - despite phoning sky in June and July and being told "it will be done in a few weeks".
nico on 22 October, 2009 21:48:18
I've was wondering is new sky+ hd guide a joke as its 22/10 and I still dont know when I will get the new guide I have a samsung box and first was told about the new guide a year ago. Does any one know is the upgrade is done by region or box type?
grrr on 27 October, 2009 18:54:51
oct 27 and my pace box does not have the HD guide....i was told 'we hope to roll it out to all customers by xmas'...cough
donna c on 30 October, 2009 12:09:10
October 30th and I don't have the new planner. Does anyone have an update on this? Sky don't.
chris on 30 October, 2009 15:04:46
Still no HD Update yet for my Samsung...... turns out this is going as well as the xbox 360 skyplayer rollout!
Ian Brindley on 30 October, 2009 16:31:33
I got mine today and absolutely hate it. Can only see 6 channels at time and more buttons to press to get back to the previous step. Horrible.
MikeJW on 28 December, 2009 09:52:03
I have used the new guide for a few weeks and I want the old guide back.
The main complaint is the number of button clicks to navigate anywhere.
The worst example is when in the guide six line window, you cannot enter a channel number to jump. You have to page up/down six lines at a time. If you are in a category you cannot navigate anywhere. Who thought this was progress?
MikeJW on 02 January, 2010 12:22:29
Bug in new HD tv guide.
When in All Programmes list, entering three digits to jump to a channel does not work (most of the time).
Example If I enter 501 I see
5-- 0--- 1--
Occasionally it works as expected and jumps to the 501 channel on the list.

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