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Never Miss your favourite programmes on Sky

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image Never Miss your favourite programmes

Sky's Never Miss allows you to search over 34,000 movies and 500 TV series for you to add your favourites to a personalised notification list.


Sky has today announced the launch of Never Miss, an innovative online reminder service which continually scans TV listings and enables viewers to request email notifications when their favourite movies or TV series are about to be scheduled on TV months ahead of standard scheduling, liberating them from weekly and monthly listing guides forever. The service is available to both Sky and non Sky customers and was developed in-house by Sky’s product development team and has over 34,000 movies and 500 TV seasons, with more to be added in time.

An intuitive search function allows viewers to search by keywords or browse by genre or title for their favourite programmes with results sorted by popularity, alphabet, release year or age certificate. The individual notification lists can then be managed by adding or removing titles with a single click. Once viewers have added movie titles or TV series seasons to their personalised notification list Never Miss will then send them an email reminder whenever the film or the first episode of the programme they have specified is on TV and a link to enable them to use Remote Record to integrate requests into their Sky+ or Sky+HD planners.

We know how it feels when you miss a favourite TV show. That’s why we’ve been working on an innovative reminder service Never Miss to help you find and watch even more of the TV you really love.

Sky have posted the following information in our forums this afternoon.

How does it work?
Never Miss allows you to search over 34,000 movies and 500 TV series for you to add your favourites to a personalised notification list. You can search by keywords or browse by genre or title. You’ll then receive an e-mail reminder with details of when it’s next on.

Who can use it?
Anyone can use it, but as an added bonus for Sky customers, the service deep links into Sky’s EPG which means that if you’ve got a Sky+ or Sky+HD box you can schedule recordings of your favourite shows directly from your computer.

How do I get started?
All you need to do is get yourself registered, then select and track your favourite programmes or movies months ahead of standard scheduling.
To find out more and sign up for the service, go to sky.com/nevermiss
Sky Team

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Comments (13 posted):

michael moore on 18 November, 2009 22:50:41
what a good idea
donna'marie lewis on 23 August, 2010 17:34:12
i hate not knowing when a series is gonna start
Berwyn Edwards on 29 July, 2011 15:36:01
Great Idea
on 11 January, 2012 16:10:16
Lena Deans on 14 February, 2012 11:52:58
I absolutely love this service. I never miss any series now.it's so easy to use and an email tells me when my programme is going to start.
Mandy James on 29 March, 2012 17:05:59
Does anyone know the name of the series which is usually on about a agent who is called christopher chance its bugging me i think it has finished and i would like to know if it has so i dont miss it THANKS X
Janette Johnson on 03 April, 2012 17:56:04
Great idea but would also like an index of programmes and films, maybe monthly
as part of Sky services. Know there's a large number but I bet your whiz kids could do it!
Janette Johnson on 05 April, 2012 15:34:50
When is Starlings starting please? Found reviews but no dates
irene leighton on 09 April, 2012 23:17:26
For Mandy James - Human Target.
Christopher Chance is the modern day 'equaliser'!
peter dodds on 11 April, 2012 09:36:02
Great idea . Watching Braquo which is a great series with no 2 coming up but couldnt find the series Romanzo Criminale although its listed as a film . This is an absolutely excellent series despite subtitles recommended both of them ps how I hate these stupid codes at the bottom supposedly for security what a load of time wasting nonsense
robert smith on 02 July, 2012 15:01:11
very good idea
steven Boam on 09 October, 2012 01:35:26
Please can you tell me when the next series of Touch starts on Sky?
patricia jackson on 08 November, 2012 23:34:17
smash series

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