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In response to your requests for even more high definition movie content,





In response to your requests for even more high definition movie content, in the last couple of weeks we have tripled the number of Sky Movies HD channels by adding six Sky Movies HD genre channels to your current line up. Our new additions Sky Movies Action/Thriller HD, Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror HD, Sky Movies Drama HD, Sky Movies Modern Greats HD, Sky Movies Family HD and Sky Movies Comedy HD mean that you can now watch 500 different movies in HD every month.

To celebrate the new arrivals, our Musical Season kicked off this week on the new Sky Movies Modern Greats HD channel featuring 18 high definition musicals. This gives viewers in the UK the first chance ever to sing along to singing transvestites and dancing nuns brought to life in glorious high definition in movies such as The Sound of Music or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Also this week, in a half-hour special, you can watch Michael Ball talk about his career and favourite musical moments.

If six new Sky Movies HD channels, a musical season and UK HD premieres of some of your most loved movies wasn’t enough, if you haven’t heard already, we have even more exciting news for you. We will be broadcasting LucasFilm’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars exclusively on Sky Movies from the 25th October. For years Sky Movies has been the first place to see Star Wars films on British television, so we're thrilled that this time we will be the first place anywhere that UK fans will be able to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This is Star Wars like you've never seen before, and so it is only right that we are able to broadcast the entire series in high definition.

We’ve been following your feedback on our new channels and would like to thank you for your support, it’s been invaluable in helping us get here.

We also wanted to use this opportunity to address other questions you have raised about our enhanced Sky Movies HD service.

Why do you show older films on Sky Movies Premiere?

Sky Movies Premiere is the first place to see over 90% of the top box office films on British television – and all in high definition. As well as bringing you 5 brand-new first-run films every week on the channel, from this month Sky Movies Premiere will also bring you a UK HD premiere screening of both modern and classic movies every Friday. In keeping with our aim to show something for everyone, this gives you the chance to re-visit a favourite film from recent years,. Over the next couple of months highlights in this slot include: Back to the Future, Austin Powers 2, X-Men and Predator.

Why do you screen upscaled non-HD films on the HD channels?

All the movies that are available to us in true HD we only show in true HD. Currently, that makes up around 80% of the content shown on our HD channels. Those movies that aren’t available in HD we upscale to give you an improved picture quality. For some movies such as The Italian Job and Zulu - we have even worked alongside the studio to remaster the HD versions ourselves. Allowing you to enjoy classic movies in a whole new light.

How do I know when a film is upscaled or in true HD?

To see if a programme you are watching is broadcast in HD, simply press i on your remote control. If you see the letters HD in the information banner, it is an HD programme which has been filmed in HD.

You can do the same (i.e. press i on your remote control) to check this for any programme in the TV listing guide, Sky+ Planner or Anytime TV listing.

As always, keep your comments coming and in the words of Arnie “we’ll be back” to fill you in on more.

Sky Movies Team  

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