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How to Contact Sky

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Below are the telephone details to contact Sky and their various departments:




If you wish to contact Sky online instead of using the phone, visit the Official Sky Help Centre.


Below are the telephone details to contact Sky and their various departments:


Sky Broadband

08442 410 515 (UK)

Sky TV

08442 411 411 (UK)
0818 719 819 (Rep of Ireland)

Sky Talk

08442 410 515 (UK)

My Sky

08442 411 522 (UK)

Your Account

08442 414 141 (UK)
0818 719 819 (Rep of Ireland)

Moving Home

08442 410 623 (UK)
0818 719 893 (Rep of Ireland)


08442 411 333 (UK)
0818 719 819 (Rep of Ireland)

Reinstating Sky

08442 411 268 (UK)
0818 719 852 (Rep of Ireland)

Joining Sky

08442 411 268 (UK)
0818 719 852 (Rep of Ireland)

Sky Player

08442 411 599 (UK)

Sky Anytime Mobile/TV

08442 411 531 (UK)

Sky Box Office

Order by telephone:
(£1 admin charge applies)
Movies: 08442 410 600 (UK)
0818 719 819 (Rep of Ireland)
Sports: 08442 410 700 (UK)
0818 719 819 (Rep of Ireland)

Sky Card

Call Sky Card Customer Services to
apply for a card, check your account
balance or report a lost/stolen card:
0870 333 5470 (UK)

Sky Repair Plan

Call Sky about the best Repair Plan for
you (UK only): 08444 810 444

If a company other than Domestic &
General has contacted you trying to sell
you extended warranty, then please
email the details to Sky

Programme Queries

Call Sky Viewer Relations team:
08442 410 265 (UK)
0818 716 057 (Rep of Ireland)


Sky's Accessibility Team offers audio
description, Easy Grip remote controls
and other services.

Call Sky Accessibility team:
08442 410 333 (UK)
0818 719 809 (Rep of Ireland)
Textphone Sky Accessibility team:
08442 410 535 (UK)
0818 719 849 (Rep of Ireland)

Sky Customer Relations

08702 403000 (This number may not work)

Call charges - UK

Please note that call may be monitored
or recorded for training purposes.
Calling Sky 0844 numbers is free for
Sky Talk customers.
For calls from BT landlines (correct as
at June 2008. Charges for calls from
mobile phones and other networks
may vary:
0844 numbers: 6p connection + up to 5p
per minute
0870 numbers: 6p connection + up to 8p
per minute

Call charges - Rep of Ireland

Please note that calls may be monitored
or recorded for training purposes.
0818 numbers: charged at your network's
national call rate. Charges for calls from
mobile phones may vary.

Comments (71 posted):

Elsie Ruth Masters on 04 May, 2009 13:00:10
Dear Sir,

I received a letter on Sat.3/5/09 and was surprised to read that I have chosen to upgrade my Sky TV to Sky+!!!! I have had Sky + for a time - so I telephoned and had the visit (6/5/09) cancelled.

However, I am now concerned that someone had been able to phone and add this to MY account. Surely whoever did this MUST have had to complete the personal questions (which I had to) to made this order.

I am really, really concerned at this, due to the ongoing fraud which seems to be prevalent at the moment. I was seriously thinking about adding broadband, telephone calls to my Sky account - this is the reason why I am so concerned.
Ruth Masters
M.T.HULME on 10 June, 2009 14:23:40
Used e-mail to register a fault on DIGI BOX.
Was informed I needed a new box, no dialogue.
Rang help line with same problem, received an excellent response and fault sorted in 2 mins.
Resuts e-mail = rubbish
telephone = 1st class service.
Glenn Brett on 13 June, 2009 09:39:49
To Whom it may concern,
I have recently been in the process of setting up a business. Last night i was watching sky sports news and a storey for Burnley town fc was on the headlines. It happened to have my product i was wondering if there was any way i can get a copy of this headline.

Kind regards, Glenn
Jack Clarke on 15 June, 2009 17:43:35
I cannot receive messages on voice mail 1571 on Sky Talk. I have been in touch with a lady by the name of Danielle DGE 26. She also gave me a reference number 1139520. and said that I would be hearing from Sky within 48 hrs. That was on June 7th 2009. I did not hear anything so I phoned again on June 14th and spoke to a lady by the name of Lyn. Both these ladies tried to get my voicemail to operate but failed. Please can someone help me to get it to work as when anyone tries to send me a message (Which they can do) it is not returned to me. I have to have treatment from the hospital and they usually send messages to me to assist me but yet again I cannot receive them. My phone number is (removed for privacy reasons) and my account number is (removed for privacy reasons). Please please can you help me
Jack Clarke
NewsreadeR on 15 June, 2009 17:59:55

No one from Sky would answer this, try one of the numbers above. Good luck!
Geoff Tee on 15 June, 2009 19:27:25
Can someone please advise me why the Sky mail system is operating so unbelievably slow. It has been like it for some while now and is making the use of sky mail too frustrating to use.

Can it be rectified please, give your servers a good kicking or something.


M S on 17 June, 2009 12:38:02
Some days ago we ordered Sky+ & multiroom and this was installed.
LAst week we received a letter from Sky saying that we have also subscribed to Sky HD. Whilst we ordered the above over the phone, at no point did we agree to Sky HD subs.
Please can you cancel this and amend our subs.
roisin atkinson on 24 June, 2009 22:18:21
re a control to a sky digibox. would you like it sent to yourselves, or binned please.
Peter Gittins on 03 August, 2009 14:10:01
I keep on losing my internet connection. When I try the technical help line I get through to some one that can hardly speak english so we can't understand each other. I'm told there's nothing wrong (I think!). The lady disconnects me and I still don't have an internet connection. I try another number and I'm told they will transfer me and the line eventually goes dead, and I still have no internet connection. This morning at 0900, no internet, this afternoon at 1400 I have an internet connection. I'm wasting my money paying for an internet connection which works very infrequently. Sky has my telephone number, please telephone me with REAL help.
sandra on 08 August, 2009 20:49:33
i am meant to be getting sky plus on the 12th of august i have not received my sky card.Can you confirm that i will receive it on that date.
J Patterson on 17 August, 2009 20:46:27
We have a new Sky+ box that was fitted without a card and still worked. When the new card came we put it in and although it is still working, a message telling us to insert the card keeps appearing. What can we do?
Brian on 22 August, 2009 08:46:29
DO NOT use this service ever. I signed up for the SkyPlayer on my friend's laptop. At the time, there is nothing to say "Please note that minimum specs to use this are"... because it uses Microsoft Silverlight - this will only run on certain CPUs (processors). I contacted this bunch of clowns to ask for refund as my computer cannot run this, and they basically told me it is in the small print - money down the drain. Remember who is the head of this outfit and consider VERY carefully before you give them any money.
Peter Ingall on 10 September, 2009 20:34:22
To the head of sky customer relations team,
I had a sky package installed on the 22nd july 2009 this included sky broad band. The speed of this for 99% of the time has been below 300kbps tonight it is 48 kbps,This is not usable as your own engineer has stated, I am not going to go into detail about the many calls I have had with your" help" team, I have spent hours on the telephone, I have in the last few weeks followed instructions from your team trying everthing they have sugested, including moving my entire desktop pc into the entrance hall where the main BT box is, disconecting all other telephones and the burglar alarm! this made no difference what so ever. I was then told the problem was with the BT line constantly disconecting and conecting slowing the signal down,I was told this would be rectified in the next 48 hrs,and given a reference No "1208390" and told when calling again quote this number.
The following day the signal went up to 1.1 to 1.4 meg this was the fastest it had been by along way! however it was very short lived,the next day,Sunday it was down to 250/300 kbps, I have called many times since, Have been given another reference number "1248505" put on hold more times than I care to remember, I called mid last week and the chap tried many times to put me through to your solutions team but said they were very busy,I agreed with the only option he could offer me, that was for some one to ring me back within 72 hours! and I think he gave me a new reference no........I gave two telephone numbers 01673858128 & 07831728743 NO ONE CALLED!.
I made the last call tonight, I stated the reference numbers I had been given so as not to have to explain my/your problem, after a few moments she said " sorry sir these have been cleared! I ask why she said because there was no contact between the 31st and the 4th of sept! I ask what did this mean, She said it must have been sorted.
I ask the lady for a telephone number so I could speak to someone in high authority, she gave me 01506 484 334 and an e.mail address,............
It didn't work,.... the number she gave me was wrong!
I rang back the help line yet again and was told, there isn't a telephone number for you to speak to anyone, the number you was given was a fax No the second lady did correct the e.mail adress so here we are.

On "sky .com" site I filled in your complaints form the other day and I see I have been E.mailed a check list to fill out of things to go over again,, I am not prepared to waste any more time going over the same ground!

For your imformation I know of three people in this village with bb, speeds 3mb,3.5mb, & 5.5mb .
So it is possible to fix it.

Could you please telephone me urgently, on, 01673858128 or 07831728743

fulous on 25 September, 2009 11:45:14
Peter could you help with Sky Customer Relations contact numbers or emails?
ken Saysell on 29 September, 2009 18:36:42
why do you keep ringing me from your 00800 number to update my warranty on equipment that is only 6 weeks old.you ring me every day at least twice and so i refuse to answer. this info has alreadt been given to a member of your staff.
T. Curtis on 09 October, 2009 12:58:18
sky rang me with a deal, sky sports package, half price at £9. then i got fleeced £40 and thats just on the sports package, daylight robbery. so if sky rings you with a deal tell them to beat it! you ring them when you want an upgrade.
Ann K Roberts on 26 October, 2009 21:05:36
my planner seems frozen. It does not work. I can not get to the programmes I have recorded.I have tried numerous Sky tel. phone numbers for help with no success.Who can I turn to for help, please!
Daniel Aldred on 28 October, 2009 12:59:00
How do I contact Sky to let them know my new sky box card has not yet arrived in the post and I have therefore lost certain channels?
D.Keogh on 29 October, 2009 03:04:41
Dear friends,

Where I am living do not have Sky Service covered. One day, while launching Tv menu from Sky in my Parents' in-law house, discovered & experienced that you have a brilliant channel called Sky TV 835 - I think that channel is very useful & helpful for spreading the positive news, very attractive for the critical times like Global Warning and could bring the people back to their nature beings and be kind to the other beings such as animals and so on... But there is not many people knows about this channel, I'm wondering that if you can spend few seconds to inform to the media that you are offering a channel for free if they are sign up with Sky so they can have a chance to update a good & positive news 24/7 like what you have been doing an Ads for Sky 1, Sky 2, Sky News,...

Thank you very much for bring an amazing service to the media and hopefully you will spend a little time to consider about my opinion.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards,
Terry Spedding on 29 October, 2009 20:03:29
I am a little confused as to why sky appears to treat existing customers so badly. I am in the process of making enquiries to upgrade my sky box to sky box+ and I find that the upgrade will cost £149 unless I subscibe to a multi room package. Some competitors offer this service free of charge and unless I am mistaken this also applies to new sky customers so, being with sky since 2003 I feel most dissappointed with the response from them. Could someone please give me a good reason why I should not pass my custom to one of skys' competitors.
Spinal on 30 October, 2009 18:09:07
Terry, around this time of year places like currys have offers of sky+/sky+hd when you by a tv you get it for something between £30-£60 (inc box and install).

But we found out you can go into the store and get the offer without getting a TV.

We done this 2 years ago when Sky wanted £199 for the box plus install. Went into currys/dixons and asked them they said you dont need to buy the TV they can put it through for us and it only cos £59.

You should try currys/dixons if they have postsers offering sky cheap when ou by a tv ask if you can get the offer without the TV.
Maria on 02 November, 2009 17:22:50
Can anybody help me with using the email section for the complaints department. It continuously tells me to enter a valis phone.mobile number and description I am doing all of these but it wont let me submit. I am in R O I not UK. Thank you
J Davies on 05 November, 2009 14:29:33
My position is that I signed up to a Sky package including TV, telephone and broadband through your online sales. We had just moved into a new house and therefore had a new BT line installed with the Everyday Broadband to be connected thereafter. When I applied for the package the online system allowed me to go through all the pages confirming what it was I was after including the Everyday Broadband part of the deal. This was based on the postcode identity that I inputted at the beginning of the process. I have to say that one of the main reasons why we signed up for this deal was the Everyday Broadband offer as part of the package and its competitive price, taking Everyday Broadband out of the equation the whole package becomes less attractive. The BT engineer came on 3 Nov and the line was declared activated on 4 Nov. During this time I telephoned several times [as requested] to say that the line had been connected, each time I was told to call back as the line was not showing as being active to allow the Everyday Broadband to be initiated. On 5 Nov I telephoned again and was told for the first time that it was not possible for me to get Everyday Broadband and that I should have Broadband Connect instead, at an additional cost of £10 per month [reduced from £17.50 pm], but at a net additional cost of £5 per month over and above the original package for which I had contracted for. I was on the telephone to you for at least 50 mins and was passed around several operators at what seemed like random, each of them passing me on to someone else who could not answer or deal with my problem. The level of customer service was shocking to say the least. I was told that there was no one who could talk to me in your Customer Relations Dept, that effectively I could not be put through to that department. That any complaint has to go through email. This is outrageous and a deriding way to treat your customers. I am in a position therefore that I have no broadband and that the process of receiving it is being delayed. I say that I entered into a contract with Sky to provide me with Everyday Broadband as part of a whole package, the fact that your online system allowed me to go through the process and pay for it is testimony of that. I have been told that a lesser quality broadband is available to me but that I must pay £5pm more for it. That cannot be right. I wish you to provide me with broadband connect at the cost that I initially contracted with you to provide. I believe that this is only reasonable.

ps. your online complaints form doesn't work.
mr mr duffy on 14 November, 2009 17:45:01
Chris Leaming on 26 December, 2009 12:06:36
Just like to say what a pile of rubbish sky has been this christmas 2009, what's happened to the football, oh no you have to pay extra it's on espn, what a ripp off, I think you pay enough, think I will be cancelling mine very shortly.
Mrs A Khan on 09 January, 2010 22:39:57
Hello. I am writing to tell you that my sky card is missing. it has been 7 months now ( may 2009 ). My child passed away in a car accident in may 2009 and alot of people came over around our house, During this cause somebody took our Sky Viewing card. This sky card had alot of channels, but now they do not work (only the free channels work). I am asking polity for you to do something about this, or post the card. I would like to hear from you speedly. Thank you
contact number:07543 removed
Dickson Dike on 11 January, 2010 10:59:05
Malcolm Dillaway on 21 January, 2010 21:40:03
Like many others I have been trying to resolve a broadband issue since last November only went live on October, Sky seem unable to speak to their customers hide behind "write to Customer Relations" despite many phone calls broadband in evenings and weekends not much better than dialup. Might try getting someone like Dom from One Show to get on the case. Anyone found a phone number for Customer Relations that works?
Eddie Marales on 27 January, 2010 02:40:18
I had a someone who i though was a friend staying at my house as a favour,

I was broke and my sky Was cut off. I wasnt bothered as i had freeview. to last me through the hard times.

I went away on Holiday for a while and my lodger called me and asked me if it was ok to pay my sky bill, as he wanted to watch a footbal game. I allowed him to pay it and told him where my sky documents were, as i trusted him

I came home and found that, he had been doing stuff with my address and stuff and even tried to steel one of my family's drivers licences.

I recently bought a new HD. I tried to call sky to reactivate my account and they are refusing to speak to me about my account and advised that they would contact me. they told me to contact them through thier website and they just emailed me back, advising me that they cant speak to me about my accout until further notice...its been a month and i want my sky. I think that guy tried to pay my bill with a dodgy card or sumthin

what can i do?
William Buck on 02 May, 2010 03:48:40
I am no 'computer wizard' and find it virtually impossible to cancel a sky account on the net. They really make it extremely hard... Perhaps impossible for folk like myself.
They accept new accounts on the telephone, but, no calcelations.
Their behaviour is exactly the same as a 'shady company' would operate.
stephanie on 07 August, 2010 11:21:45
Is it just me or is it impossible to contact Sky other than calling the many numbers they have. My land line has stopped working - how the hell do I contact them??? Any help would be greatly appreciated - I am going insane. When I registered with sky i managed to find an online person to talk to, now I cant find it??? Have they stopped it?
used computers on 07 August, 2010 14:06:41
I have to say that one of the main reasons why we signed up for this deal was the Everyday Broadband offer as part of the package and its competitive price, taking Everyday Broadband out of the equation the whole package becomes less attractive.
Michael Goodchild on 10 August, 2010 20:25:45
I experience extreme loss of speed during the evening. its like watching paint dry. Tech support tell me there is nothing they can do as BT cap all their lines in the evening. I find this difficult to believe as I have just changed from BT broadband and experienced no such problems with thier service. Are Sky customers discriminated against even though we pay (indirectly) for a decent Bt line. I regret changing from BT and would advise anyone thinking of getting Sky broadband to THINK AGAIN! I will cancel Sky at the first chance I get. When I signed up to sky I was assured that my service would not change.....Yeah right!
andy on 11 August, 2010 12:39:05
My god sky is unbelieveable! I signed up for HD and it was the worst thing I have ever done, you are bombarded with offers that only cost a bit extra (£8 for half price movies) then they debit whatever amount they wish stating things like the discount hasnt been applied or charged a month in front the upshot is anything they tell you is so convoluted you cant understand what you haveor havent paid for. I am cancelling my entire contract with them as soon as the 12 months is up and will never use sky again, very disappointing service has anyone else experienced similar problems???
cheryl elliot on 12 August, 2010 10:48:20
I was referred to sky by a friend and was to receive my free vouchers my friend received hers within 2 weeks and 3 months later i am still waiting and have phoned them but they keep saying i have to pay another month before receiving them so if you are going to get referred by a friend i would think again as you get nothing in the process i will be cancelling sky when my contract is up
Tom Poole on 18 August, 2010 13:26:19
I'm a big fan of SKY and have had the system installed (in one form or another)for many years now.

I currently subscribe to the full HD package paying SKY in excess of £50 per month for the privilege.

A lot of the people I work with also have SKY however I've now discovered that most of these people cheat and get a better service that I do by Internet card sharing and using something called a Dreambox?

Every month I pay SKY money that I could always find a better use for. As a result I am truly disappointed that they allow this sort of thing to happen.

I wouldn’t mind so much if it was just the one or two people here that choose to cheat. However from what I can gather those that are properly entitled to use SKY are seriously are in the minority.

What makes matters worse is I am constantly being reminded just what a MUG I'm being for choosing not to cheat. So much so in fact that I'm now beginning to see their point

As a result I am now giving serious consideration to saving my money altogether and stopping SKY completely.

If enough people did this then there wouldn't be a system available for those that want to cheat.
p.law on 20 August, 2010 10:52:01
my sky-broadband, Yes, soming we pay we never get. why sky keep taking our money?
Alma Robertson on 24 August, 2010 17:25:16
In the past few days (3 calls today) I have had about 5 more calls from Sky TV asking if I wish to take out a warranty on my Sky+ box which is only a year old. I would be grateful if you could put a stop to these calls. I have said that I am not interested - even when they put pressure on me to take out a warranty.
Stephen on 24 August, 2010 18:27:37
I work in IT. Many people are reporting to me a problem with their broadband after ligtening storm on the 20th August. In Clydach, Swansea. Exchange (SWCJW). Not just SKY, but BT and Talk Talk too. Some users unaffected. No one at technical support will acknowledge the problem at the exchange, and people are being looped through the standard technical support over and over again. please look into this. There are many confused and upset customers here!
GERALD STONEHILL on 25 August, 2010 11:02:16
since installing sky+ I cannot play vhs downstairs. also I had a tv upstairs, when you installed a new wire, but I get no signal upstairs. is this normal. the dvd player works, but roof aerial does not work downstairs. what is wrong???
laura on 25 August, 2010 17:24:29
i am still waiting on my engineer to come and install my tv as i was ment to be getting my hd tv box today on the 25.8.10 but no 1 has apeared im a first time new customer and if this is how you treat your new customers then you can forget it please e mail me and let me know whats hapnin
mandy on 29 August, 2010 15:31:23
Iam sick of turning on my sky box when there is bad whether and not getting proper signals i am completely sick of it there should be some way of this not happening all the time.
naila akhtar on 29 August, 2010 23:05:22
i cant get through the employees who answer the phone they don send me bills asi asked for they charge take money out of my account wiyhout teling me i get charged from bank for money not being in i am very upset about sky service
gardiner on 31 August, 2010 21:50:58
My sky plus box registers failed recording due to full disc space but there is at least 50% still free. I have tried system rebuild but no use. Can any body help please
dmfisher on 23 September, 2010 19:49:38
why does your record a program by email to 61759 not work. i have recently tried several times while away and although i enter the exact requirements as instructed it always replied could not find your program!
Reporting to Sky on 24 September, 2010 14:12:47
## Sky Please Read ##

There is a website apps.pk and they are sharing Sky cards and charging for it.

They have nothing to do with Sky and I presume you would want to be notified?
claire hoban on 23 October, 2010 22:20:53
I can'not get through to my email
Steven on 07 June, 2011 21:36:16
the name on the sky account active in my household is in my mothers name, we have sky tv, calls and broadband, now the router that sky have sent out to us, is absolute rubbish! i have tried on numerous occasions to configure my belkin router of wich i bought 2 weeks before we changed over to sky, wich also cost me over £100, this router has now been renderred useless, i have been told that it is possible to change the settings on the router to run with sky broadband however i need the username and password for the current router to enter into the other one for it to work, my mother contacted sky to request these to no avail, we where told that we cannot change the settings on the router (which we have no intentions of doing) and that entering these details into another router will not solve the problem, so i ask, why is it that this joke of a service provider send out useless equipment to a high usage household? we are running 3 computers, a 4 games consoles, i done a speed test with only 1 computer running (which was the one i was using) at 4am when i get the best speeds, of which i found i was only getting a download speed of 880kbps, however we are paying for im sure us 8mb, it is a pathetic excuse for a provider that we have to use thier own pathetic equipment to get a less than average service, it makes me question the motive behind changing providers and i will certainly be changing providers aswell, i think its disgusting.
craig poultney on 14 June, 2011 13:10:26
Please get in touch with me via Email! I cannot get through to ANYONE using the 08442 Number as I recieve the same automatic options regardless of which number I call. The automatic selection service DOES NOT WORK! Thankyou
ruth omere on 29 July, 2011 12:29:43
i would like to know what my smtp details? for outlook
john devanney on 17 January, 2012 10:01:37
could you please send me an email adress asi would like to sort out my billing, I have phoned but i have been told to contact you by e mail please help.
Claire Brooker on 25 January, 2012 22:20:07
Can sky please issue proper landline numbers instea of the stupid 0844 numbers. My landline and broadband have been down since Thursday last week I had to phone from my mobile to report this and have to keep phoning for updates again from my mobile this is costing me a small fortune every time I have to phone.
Love the fact that you state 0844 are free from you sky talk line but this isn't helpful when your sky talk like isn't working.
Get with it sky and issue proper numbers for instances like this!!!
R ladwa on 27 January, 2012 19:37:06
Great sales team from Sky, sold me hd upgrade and line rental switch and unlimited talk from BT...now since one week, no landline or Dial tone, after formal registration and several calls, no resolution!!! sky please call me and fix this problem, we are still paying for a service!
abbie liptrot on 03 February, 2012 17:49:26
i have been trying to upgrade my sky from sky tv to broadband and phone line since before Christmas when the offer for 2 months free movies was on aswell as the package however i was told that i would have to pay £39 to have the phone line changed over but my neighbour who was on the same talk talk package as me got all this done for free , after numerous phone calls which i was told that i would get a phone call back to resolve this issue (which i never got)so now it's Febuary i thought id try again but yet again have been let down ...!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT IMPRESSED AND SERIOUSLY THINKING ABOUT CANCELLING MY SKY TV!!!
stefan eastwood on 18 February, 2012 19:09:23
I would like to know when you are goin to sack Steve and Eddie because they don't know anything about rugby they need a rule book on the game I've been a customer an watched sky sports for years now an am sick of them talking rubbish every week they need to go Ian a saints fan I've watched giants an wolves an they don't have a clue what there watching or talking about get them useless idiots out
OPMac an Bhaird on 18 February, 2012 20:19:46
Get them clowns off who are ruining golf coverage by conducting lessons during good American golf coverage. We pay for to view golf tournaments not this nonsense. Your presenters should not try and be commentators either they are so out of their depth when they turn down or off the great US teams and for their own gratification try to do be something they are not.They are so boring that I and others are thinking about leaving Sky altogether.
GC on 03 March, 2012 11:22:25



Sam nunn on 24 March, 2012 00:13:20
I am disgusted of being lead on and lied to by your support team.
victor george on 02 April, 2012 14:58:49
what is the number to talk to sky about money owed to them, i used to have sky and couldnt pay the bill for health reasons and now i cant get credit and was wondering who i need to talk to, to rectify this. Victor Justin George.
Important Notice on 05 April, 2012 04:19:38




GRAHAM on 06 April, 2012 16:52:10
I am loving the sound mix on the rugby match between St Helens and Wigan this afternoon - the sound of the crowd is masking the commentators - can't you do this permanently please, it's great.
leigh brown on 17 April, 2012 12:18:50
Sky have made a crazy maze to stop you getting their faults rectified and then tell you your in a contract for 12 mths no way take me court promised me tv telephone and broadband got tv and then they tell me you have not ordered the rest what poo i already have virgin why run two systems
keith peel on 19 April, 2012 07:34:58
I ordered sky phone and broadband 5 weeks ago and it's still not up and running. Fed up I am cancelling.
Jim Pierce on 21 May, 2012 15:58:49
My wife and I shortly shall be emigrating from the Republic of Ireland and going to live in Northern Ireland.
We both have Samsung smartphones with O2 in Ireland which we obviously will be bringing with us. Thus we would only need a new SIM card for each phone.
Is there a monthly package which encompasses the following:
approx 100/150 minutes of inclusive call time (within UK)
50 texts (within UK)
calls to numbers (including mobiles) in the Republic of Ireland (to be included in the inclusive minutes)
up to 100 texts to mobile numbers in the Republic of Ireland (to be included in the
inclusive texts)?
No calls to any other countries would need to be included.
We shall also be needing to have a fast broadband connection, TV and landline – if you can provide all of this in 1 package, we shall look at what you offer.
yasmin on 08 August, 2012 12:35:00
Sky is a scammer when i subscribed to sky for new hd box they told me differnt price for tv telephone and broadband but charging me allot every month no good sky very expensive dont have sky your bills come very high makesure what they say before accepting with them
Jamie pead on 23 August, 2012 15:44:05
I want to cancel sky how
Linda Duddy on 20 September, 2012 13:25:35
I have called sky several times but have been left on hold for over 20 minutes so I ended up having to hang up each time as I am being charged for each of these calls. All I want to do is cancel my multiroom as it is no longer being used and I am being charged for it. Can somebody please ring me asap as I am getting very annoyed about this.
Simon Draghici on 29 October, 2012 16:51:56
Good evening,
Thank you for allowing me to give some feed back from my encounter with one of your employees yesterday over the phone.
First of all I want to bring to your attention that I had to ring three times to get through and first time I was told that my phone call will be answered in under 5 minutes. I waited 17 minutes and 55 seconds and I was disconnected. Second time was the same, waited for around 20 minutes and been disconnected again. The third time I was told that the waiting time was around 20 minutes but Amanda came in just after around 15 minutes. Amanda was polite but at one stage she raised her voice which I didn't particular liked and I had told her. I was polite at all times even if my problem was not solved. My problem was that Sky was disconnected yesterday for being late paying only 2 days - actually not even 2 days as I was disconnected at midday. I've told Amanda that I had no means of paying until the 6th of November. Last payment I made (3-4 October) was made more that 10 days late and everything was OK and I remember clearly that I've asked that person I dealt with to change my payment date as I only get my cheque from work once a month at the beginning of the month. I asked that my date to be changed for 10 of every month but Amanda told me that she couldn't see any notes on my account (I wonder if now the date change was done). Also, I was trying to speak with a supervisor as I know that this is Sky policy, if an operator can't help you, they will put you through to their supervisor. Amanda had told me that all the supervisors were busy and I insisted to speak with one but Amanda had told me that they can't talk to me but one of them will give me a ring back in a few minutes. When I asked how many minutes I was told repeatedly that in few minutes until, eventually, Amanda has said: "Yes few minutes, maybe two minutes". Until now no one from Sky has contacted me and I really feel being let down by Sky. After all I am a very loyal customer as my history with your company goes as far as 1999 when I was living in UK.
Thank you!
Mairead on 03 November, 2012 15:18:57
My sky plus box wasn't working properly, took ages to come on in the morning anything up to 20mins and the plus function wasn't working yet we were still charged for that!! Anyway I rang sky and was on to them several times one call lasted more than 45 mis going through step by step how to fix the sky plus function and in the end I was told it was broken and had to get a new box so now I have a sky plus hd box and again the record function does not work but this time you can record if you are watching that channel but if you do record a programme the rest of the channels go blank until you turn the recording off, this is ridiculous, can somebody please contact me on how to fix this before I cancell my account
Kevin McDougall on 07 November, 2012 14:31:03
Have you plans of showing 'Christmas on Chestnut Street' on the Christmas channel this coming christmas please.
Many thanks Kevin
Roger Miller on 30 November, 2012 13:41:04
Hello I´m a german. In germany i
participate from sky germany.
My question is, is it possible to get
sky sport england in germany, because
I´m a great fan of premier league club
Newcastle United, and in germany i
cannot see all games. Please answer

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