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Problems With Sky and Email

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Following on from our earlier post about Skoogle Mail.

For those of you trying to reach Sky and Sky.com/tools it would appear that Sky have not properly thought their migration policy through, and their sites are now timing out.

Sky in their wisdom have decided to migrate 1.1 million email addresses to Google Mail, affectionately referred to on SkyUser as Skoogle Mail.

What they forgot to factor in is the possibility of 1 million or so customers, trying to find out the information required to get their email back up and running. As well as the possibility that said 1 million customers, might just click on the Sky.com/tools URL at more or less the same time.

All we can tell you from reports on the forum, that this is expected to have an impact up until Saturday of this week.

If our forum is slow responding or not loading, this is purely because of the loads on our server as people try to find out the relevant information. For which we apologise. The thing is, will Sky?

UPDATE: Some useful instructions from one of our forum posters:

I had exactly the same prob. Changed over to Sky Tools e-mail server tonight, could login to portal but Outlook 2003 wouldn't work despite correct settings. However after numerous calls and surfing I found that if repeatedly asked for username and password you need to go to this link and follow the instructions and I'm pretty sure you will get it working. I'm working now!


Comments (4 posted):

13ROSES on 05 December, 2007 15:33:41
when i click on email and tools the page loads but there is nothing there i have reported this and they dont understand me so i just hung up is there any body else with this problem and is there a way of fixing this as i can not get my emails.
Lynne on 20 December, 2007 17:18:46
is it my e mail addy and password or is it my user name for account and password sent by Sky Cant get in with either
johnny_m on 11 May, 2008 16:36:15
I couldnt send any SMTP mail and this link worked for me ! Hasnt anyone told sky support about it !
keith batcheldor on 21 August, 2009 15:32:51
I changed from aol to sky at the beginning of the year owing to it being so slow and freezing. I am now having the same problem but worse. Can you please advise me regarding the reason why as I am considering changing to another provider when the year is ceased.

regards Keith

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