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Sky's ADSL line management kicks in

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Sky have now started to perform their ADSL line management on some 300,000 lines.



In April we reported that Sky were due to start their ADSL Line Management.

For some it will mean a speed decrease if the line is misconfigured. The process is going to be automatic and will continue across the entire network eventually.

Tonight we have been told unofficially that this has in fact started at 2am this morning.

The logic behind this exercise, is that it would give the End User a more stable broadband experience, therefore getting the best out of that User's Broadband Connection.

It would appear that Sky are actually resetting User's connections to ADSL2+ and we have seen various reports of the upload speeds actually over the maximum that the Sky Max package should actually provide. Wheteher or not Sky readjust this remains to be seen.

Today, we have seen our members report similar stories.

To view the original announcement and further discussion, please have a read of this forum thread.

Comments (7 posted):

dixon_hill on 14 June, 2008 08:14:53
great my line that was 7269kbps stable for four mounths has droped to 3069kbps
and again i am told my line only supports 3 meg because thats what bt say although a bt engineer sent out twice by sky to check my line reckons i should have got nearer 10kbps getting realy fed up with this crap from sky
dwoodwar on 16 June, 2008 20:39:08
Initially thought this was a good idea, What I first noticed was that I got switched from G.DMT to ADSL2+ and was connecting up about 8mb. However over the last week router has reconnected everyday at 2am, resulting in a slower speed. Today it is at 4mb, and sky say this is what BT says the line supports. I have had 12+ months of about 8mb-10mb. Anyway am now in the process of trying to migrate away.
sol on 17 June, 2008 14:45:18
I might be one of the lucky ones, just performed 2 speed tests using speedtest.net, both topped out at over 13meg on my Sky Max package.
Simonejones on 18 June, 2008 12:19:33
my line used to stable @ 15323kbps for 18 months, now dropped to 8196kbps, Sky say can't do anything until DLM ended, this started on 4th June & still not finished as of today 18th June, thinking of changing to O2
kindred on 22 June, 2008 20:01:57
Apparently the upgrade on my line started on teh 8th June and It's the 22nd now and it still sucks. Went from 7000k downstream to 704k. I like to play online games, but can't at the moment as the line is just too slow.
walter coupland on 27 September, 2009 18:32:56
download speed 1.6meg got in touch with sky it went up 1/2meg next day down again to original speed what is going on,
Mr Cooper on 20 April, 2012 13:15:13
happy with my 15868kbps for over a year now until today where the best i could get is 1236kbps very angry!

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