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V1 Firmware Update Rolls Out

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Sky have today confirmed that the infamous V1 Netgear DG834GT Router Firmware is now being rolled out.

Earlier this week we reported that known staff were reporting on the forums, that the White V1 Router is to have the new FW pushed out, starting this week, from 26th March.

Sky earlier this evening, confirmed to us the following:

We can confirm that we are upgrading the Phase 1 firmware as part of our general maintenance activities; this is being gradually deployed to the entire base through a remote upgrade process.

This is very good news for all of our members and Sky's Customers who have been issued with the White V1 Netgear DG834GT Router on signing up to Sky Broadband.

Those of us, who have been on Sky Broadband since the very beginning, are all too familiar with the issues that people have been experiencing. It was a definite case of people either having no issues whatsoever or nothing but drop outs and poor quality connections.

The most common problems people were having are:

  1. UPnP when enabled caused the router to Lock Up
  2. Losing Sync due to Noise Margin dropping during Peak Periods
  3. MSN Midnight Bug - Disconnecting from MSN dead on Midnight

Although it has taken 18 months or so for this rollout, we do know that Sky have worked their little cotton socks off, and I am positive that this can only be a good thing for us all, with the White V1 Routers now hopefully having the same solid performance as the newer V2 Black Routers.

This is being discussed in our forums here

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Monday on 27 March, 2008 20:53:06
was getting a bit worries 18months lol anyway hats of to sky i'm sure you've done a brilliant job!

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