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Sky V1 Router to get new FW - This week hopefully

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image Sky's V1 Netgear DG834GT Router

Various reports are appearing from known staff that the White V1 Router is to have the new FW pushed out this week, starting 26th March.

Starting March 26th, and continuing for the next 3 months, Sky will be rolling out an updated firmware to all Sky phase 1 routers (the white ones)

The upgrade will take place at off-peak times to minimize disruption, and the process should take about 10 minutes.

During this time, you will have no access to the internet, but after the box restarts, you broadband will be back.

This firmware update fixes 2 major problems. It will solve the uPnP bug, and also improve on how the router deals with noise fluctuations on the line, which is a known issue with the box.

The UI will be changed to resemble the new Phase 2 routers (the black ones) so that everyone has the same.


A couple of things to point out.

  1. We have been informed that the new GUI will not be implemented in this release of the FW
  2. Using Mognut's Utility may or may not hamper the rollout of your particular FW update
  3. Sky could infact take this opportunity to enforce the Terms and Conditions, inparticular "that you must use the Sky provided Router"

Although this is not an official notification that the FW will be released / rolled out this week, it maybe prudent for those not running the original FW or the Sky approved Router to maybe reconsider doing so.

We will try to get Official Confirmation asap 

This is being discussed in our forum thread here. 

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