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Sky will be looking to run trials of fibre-optic broadband

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Sky TV customers could experience super-fast broadband speeds of up to 40Meg

This will give enough speed to run multiple bandwidth heavy applications. A family could be watching different HD movies while others were gaming or working on complex graphics or video projects.

It will also provide faster upstream speeds of up to 10Mb, enabling Sky TV customers to post videos, experience high definition video conferencing and enjoy interactive high definition gaming.

Throughout 2010 BT Openreach will be opening up exchanges to test this new technology. If the trial proves to be successful Sky will be rolling this new technology across their network.

Simply register your interest and Sky will contact you when this service will be available in your area. Customers taking part in the trial will receive a new router and modem. An engineer on behalf of Sky will also visit your home to upgrade your phone socket, set up your modem/router and check your internet connection.

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Comments (33 posted):

CLEVE PALMER on 23 January, 2010 16:21:52
I am interested in taking part in the broadband fibre-optic trial.
darren on 23 January, 2010 21:30:07
thats gr8 y dont they get people on there network not connect package like i was promised 4 years ago!!!!
R WATTERSON on 24 January, 2010 08:56:13
if you are running trials on a fibre optic cable for a trial consider me as one of your guinne pigs, as my broardband at this very moment is ultra slow.
Ellen Sapsford on 24 January, 2010 09:21:00
I am only getting 4mb instead of 10mb and the fibre optic cable may help
maureen sane on 28 January, 2010 21:59:53
it will be nice virgin media and bt have it all ready
Andrew Danvers on 28 January, 2010 23:38:07
I would love to be consider! I am in a group of buildings that were all fitted out with Diamond Cable/NTL now known as Virgin Media and they have a major office less than a mile away from me. Neighbours get 10mb, 20mb and now 50mb broadband speeds, but I am a Sky guy and have upto 20mb and get an average of 6mb even though the bt exchange is 200 metres away!!! I would like bragging rights to all my neighbours if I get Sky fibre optic...
emrobin on 30 January, 2010 18:55:28
Ellen, I'd be happy with your 4Mb line. My line drops down to dial-up speed during peak times, which is usually when my family uses it. Fibre would be incredible, but seeing how I don't even have anything better than the horrid Sky Connect package in my area, I doubt they'll be rolling it out here anytime soon. I'd be more than happy to be a guinea pig though.
slipdisc2009 on 17 February, 2010 21:18:27
Good news for those who have fibre optic already laid But what about those who dont have. I for 1. Stuck with slow D/L and only 1 choice through age old telephone cable
rob on 21 February, 2010 11:23:07
surely sky are just pigy backin off b.t
Andy Morrison on 22 February, 2010 22:41:40
Great news!

As a Sky BB Max customer only getting 1.4Mbps (or usually less), this is very important news and something I have been looking forward to for a long time!

As a computer repair engineer in a rural village I have a lot of domestic clients who continually ask me how to increase the speed etc - at least I now have some news to give them!
Terry Rand on 16 March, 2010 09:57:20
No doubt this will mean another hike in the price for Midi/everyday users when Sky again more the goal posts,
There has got to be a catch somewhere for longstanding customers!
Terry Rand on 16 March, 2010 10:10:11
No doubt another price hike for Midi/everyday longstanding customers when Sky again move the goalposts,
There has to be a catch somewhere!
Not blackmail again?
R.HILTON on 25 March, 2010 08:31:00
im up for it
A Gordon on 19 April, 2010 12:52:56
I have Sky Broadband Unlimited which offers me a maximum download speed of up to 20Mb The Sky User Broadband Speed Test reads at download speed 11040kps and upload speed 868kbps therefor I am interested in taking part in the broadband fibre-optic trial.
CONOR MC DERMOTT on 23 April, 2010 19:43:31
Sky should speed up the base customer broad band to at least 10 meg because virgin has already done that and they have bosted all there other customers speed but not the base product It is a scandal and need to be sorted uot before fiber systems go on line and min speed is going to be set at 20 meg ass you can tell i am bit tcked of about that
Chris Goodier on 19 August, 2010 18:29:17
BT are now offering fibre optic connectivity in the Basingstoke area.

Does anyone have any idea where Sky are upto with offering support for fibre optic broadband?
Jo on 23 August, 2010 12:13:33
Im all for it.
colin on 31 August, 2010 13:18:15
Please consider me for trialling Fibre Optic - the cables are currently being installed in my area
Stuart Higgins on 27 September, 2010 09:10:54
Im getting 1.5mb at the moment, and after having cable 20mb for so long my current connection is very frustrating... please consider me for this trial, I live in cardiff which is where i believe the cable is beling laid...

looking forward to it.
David on 24 October, 2010 00:41:48
Sky will not be running their own fibre, BUT if they connect it to easynets network it will be good..... if they run it through BT Wholesale....it will be as dire as the connect package just on a different scale! I've just got fibre from a BT reseller, IDnet, most of the time its great 37.5mbps down and 8.5mbps up, but after being with UKonline (easynet/sky) and BE/o2 its not good seeing that you don't always get the full speed. When their off peak kicks in you get less than half that.....not that i'm complainging before this i could only get 3.5mbps but it was that 24/7 no contention at all. I'm sure o2/be sky/ukonline will be able to get it onto their own networks soon....... then it will be a decent product. Another thing to consider.... it all depends on how close you are to the cabinet..... VDSL2 trails off very quickly so if you are 1-2km away from the cabinet you are not going to get anywhere near 40mbps in the first place.

Hope that sheds some light onto it.

PS. Just because your exchange is enabled does NOT mean you can get it! it all depends if they install a new cabinet. Only half of our estate got it and my office didn't so don't get your hopes to high until you know you can get it!
claudio vitale on 25 October, 2010 19:52:21
hi i am a sky member and i know that my next door neibour as got infinity bt broadband i would be interessede for a trial i hope to hear soon
Isaac Ugbode on 01 June, 2011 09:30:11
I would love to be considered for the trial. My broadband access speeds are aweful and I've even considered moving back to Virgin for the faster broadband. This would make Sky the ultimate provider! SIGN ME UP!
Matt Jackson on 07 June, 2011 14:21:52
Currently a member of SKY and wouldn’t consider moving for a moment as my experience with them have been excellent, although getting more involved with web applications and servers at work I am finding the limit of 2.5Mbps is time consuming and sometimes frustrating when working from home, if SKY was to roll this new tech out I would love to be a part of it, although not getting my hopes up it will ever reach us, but here is hoping, Good Luck SKY and make us proud,


Adam Smith on 02 July, 2011 11:34:08
I am on the verg of moving to BT. My connection is diabolical. I'm stuck with 0.9mb and its annoying. Countries like denmark and holland have speeds in excess of 100mb! So on that note I would relish the chance to trial a faster connection, and measure its success with web activity and online gaming and downloads, things I havent been able to do since moving from a Virgin Media area.
Sharon Smalley on 26 February, 2012 07:51:20
Yes...im interested also, about time if you ask me
Adam Willis on 26 February, 2012 15:02:47
Please consider me for the fibre optics trial as my exchange is already FTTC enabled
robin local on 06 March, 2012 12:54:23
Please consider myself for the fibre optics trial as my exchange is also ready for FTTC,also friends living in street are using BT fibre optics which I will update to if sky don't come into my area soon.
current maximum speed with sky = 1.5mb (painfully slow)
chris slater on 06 March, 2012 23:44:35
Already with sky and getting 18mb/s download but still want faster for online gaming
J Bailey on 08 March, 2012 11:13:12
I am interested in the possibility of Sky offering fibre optic broadband particularly when my current speeds from Sky are very slow.
BT currently offer "Infinity" in my area ;Sky are relunctant to answer the question will they offer it!!!
Andrew Shaw on 10 March, 2012 22:33:54
Please use me for the trail!!!!!
Calum on 12 March, 2012 13:43:17
Hope this goes ahead, I was thinking of moving to Virgin due to their MUCH faster Firber Optic broadband. I have 20mb SKY and download at 10, half of what I pay for, using Fibre Optic we would be able to get what we actually pay for. Praying this goes through!
The-bandit1200 on 17 March, 2012 17:16:06
This is all well and good but still not seen anybody doing the trials on this site.

I would love to move to fibre but can't see it appending with sky anytime soon so looks like I will have to go back to bt and pay through the nose for it.
Kenneth Plunkett on 23 March, 2012 10:46:48
I just filled out an online survey for Tpol about this very subject. Of course I want the fibre optic speeds I used to get with Virgin; and I am prepared to pay extra for the premium. I left Virgin because overall Sky offers a better package. Please get on with installing it. I live in Hampshire so would like to see trials here and not restricted to London!!

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