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Sky Broadband - It's broken.

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There have been several threads started informing us of People struggling to connect to Sky Broadband.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that there are problems with the DSLAMS or Servers that control your access to Sky Broadband.

Judging by the lack of Sky IP's visiting our website tonight, it would suggest that the problem is fairly widespread. A few members of our clan have failed to actually get online as well.

There is no estimated time for a fix to this problem.


According to the Easynet Support Pages:

We are having authentication problems at the moment that may cause loss of connectivity to some customers.

Our engineers are looking into it.

This is being discussed in our Service Status Forum.

Comments (12 posted):

connormill on 27 February, 2008 23:02:38
I just got off the phone with sky and they told me that the whole of the UK is down on sky and they are blaming it on the London earthquake, don't know if thats true but thats waht ive been told. They also said there is no time for expected completion
espio on 27 February, 2008 23:07:17
Just like they blame BT lol. But no, seriosuly though...this may be the cause why my internet has been sort of sluggish lately and why I can't connect to some site occassionally.
NewsreadeR on 27 February, 2008 23:35:39
"they are blaming it on the London earthquake,"

It wasn't in London, someone is telling you porkies.

Unofficially, afaik It has nothing to do with the earthquake.
dholdi on 27 February, 2008 23:42:03
london ? is that anywhere near kingston upon hull - the reported epicentre. if so why did my internet survive until @ 16 hours later? someones telling porkies me thinks - i think its because the stricken riverdance ferry on the beach at blackpool has squashed skys pipes - lol
dsldude on 28 February, 2008 08:31:31
This outage has now been cleared.

As some of you may know this outage only
affected people who re-synced after 1.20pm,
those who had a active connection before
were not affected.
NewsreadeR on 28 February, 2008 12:54:38
Thanks for your help dsldude.
suhoi on 28 February, 2008 14:34:56
I've also experienced problems on 27th Feb with Broadband. Since these bad experienced with Sky broadband are quite often, I'm planning to cancel the contract. Failing to deliver what I pay for, is that a strong reason to cancel the contract as they breached the contract??
espio on 28 February, 2008 22:00:30
Suhoi: Can you use the internet at all? If yes then they are still providing the service so hence nothing has been breached. It is like saying, I'm not getting the speed they say I can so they breached their contract.
suhoi on 29 February, 2008 10:14:28
On 27th Feb, I couldn't use the internet at all. Yesterday, on 28th, the internet was working, but kind of slow. Depending on what's on TV, I can have a good speed. I think I had enough praying to get access to several servers world wide.

Espio, you said: " It is like saying, I'm not getting the speed they say I can so they breached their contract.". Slightly wrong. The internet speed was 0 (zero), and not just something which one can say about it's "up to" the speed I signed for. They failed to deliver the service for a full day, not counting the other days when I simply cannot do my job over the net.
blondejon on 02 March, 2008 20:20:32
no slas on uk domestic broadband im afraid, maybe they will give oyu a good will gesture :)
Markk on 12 March, 2008 10:32:46
Lucky you. Since going to Sky inet from vrigin media I have hated every minute. Gone are the 2mbyte downloads and also the reliability and constant speed. Sky inet meant to be 8mbit.. I'm getting 3.2mb even though the router stats show i'm connected at 8128 kbps.
greekstalion on 18 March, 2008 15:42:17
You seem to have other problems, not with SKY broad. I had VM and they was slowing my speed, since left them and gone to SKY I am able to surf. 16Mbs with 14.4 connection and 1.6Mbs download. I found many people who complain. Check your wiring. BT have installed new line in my house. Because they messed up the orders I had 2 lines installed. The old wire was used for the wrong number. When they connected the right number they installed new line. Never had a problem with connection. I recomment SKY to everyone I know. I never called them since they install the equipment. The only problem is when the Broad go down, once every 2 months. I am happy with it as far I get good connection.

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