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New Router Now Being Despatched

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The new Sky router has finally passed the beta testing, and is now being sent out to new customers.

Rumour has it that there are over 10,000 in the field already, having being released for general usage sometime last week.

The new router is made by Sagem and Netgear, is a nice shade of grey and approximately the same size as the old V1 white router.

We know it has been tested extensively for the last 10 months or so and should alleviate many of the known issues inherent with the Phase 1 routers.

There are no visible aerials for the wireless, a similar power supply as well as being completely locked out from any of the known hacks /utilities currently available to extract your username and password.

Unconfirmed reports tell us, that any attempt to flash the new routers, will render that particular router useless for connecting to Sky Broadband.

We would like to have one available to us officially so as to do new tutorials for the newer customers / members, so if you read this Sky, you know how to contact us.

Comments (14 posted):

swifty2001 on 05 December, 2007 10:38:40
I have been given both types of router by sky but cannot connect to either wire free. I can connect using the ethernet cable but not wire free, what am i doing wrong? does anyone have any suggestions? when i try to connect wire free after inserting network key my computer is trying to obtain ip address and keeps trying to renew but does not connect, is it something i am doing wrong? please help me. I have contacted sky but they say it is a problem with my computer, but they all work fine on my virgin media server using belking ni router. If you can help me please leave comment, i am at my wits end with this. Swifty
oldbirkonian on 05 December, 2007 16:58:44
When will existing customers, with the old "V1 white" routers, get upgraded?
NewsreadeR on 05 December, 2007 20:54:28
oldbirkonian The FW will be updated early 2008 as far as we know
wozboz on 06 December, 2007 12:09:06
I am trying to access my sky netgear wireless router with a new Acer Aspire 9304 laptop I have bought. Using my laptop wizard when I get to needing to enter my 8 character network key my lap top tells me I need a 13 character key.
Anyone any ideas?
windydan10 on 09 December, 2007 21:21:05
I have the same problem as swifty2001!! The netgear DG934G router will not access the internet wirelessly!! no matter what I do !! it will if you hardwire it via ethernet cable!! Sky techs dont care its my problem apparently?? Please please can someone with a bit more knowledge help swifty2001 and me out!!Thanks
NewsreadeR on 10 December, 2007 00:31:13

Try this?
windydan10 on 10 December, 2007 22:12:42
Hello!! I have resolved the wireless conection problem with my Netgear DG934G router!!! Hooray!! If you have the same problem make sure when you input the network key that is printed on the bottom of the router it is in CAPITALS!!!!! simple!!! It took me 3 days of hair pulling to realise!! Hope this helps!!
aknm on 10 December, 2007 23:11:31
I am about to throw my V1 netgear router out of the window into peek hour traffic...sky says its the phone lines...but i can hear the advisor on the other end perfectly well...when will they stop fobbing me off...? Plus they have capped my speed from 8Mb to 4Mb to 3Mb...soon i'll have a connection as fast as a horse drawn carrage...any one else have to same urge?
Fatbob25 on 18 December, 2007 00:52:19
I had the exacy same problem, sorted it out myself, no help from sky.
read my post in broadband help / router
PeeGee on 23 December, 2007 13:59:29
I just switched to Sky broadband and for some reason they sent me the Netgear and Segem routers. I have had both working and can say the Sagem is much better. No real setup required and the Sagem gave a wireless signal stength of 97% when the Netgear only gave me 60%. Just had to add a few firewall rules to allow VPN which was easy.
umster on 23 December, 2007 22:20:03
how does and existing customer get a new v2 router?

NewsreadeR on 26 January, 2008 20:42:49
No way of buying one, you could try the My Router is Broken line?
Miss no nickers on 12 October, 2009 19:20:33
How do I get a old netgear router as don't like the look of the new one and size
vikki on 18 December, 2009 16:32:33
i have just purchased my new laptop and i am struggling to obtain a wireless connection. my router is with sky and i have rung them twice to try and sort the wireless connection but they say it is because i have windows 7! i can get on line with the yellow cable but when i go to connect wirelessly i get a troubleshooter response saying check my router. i have followed all the steps and still no joy - my router is a sky netgear DG834GT Router Wireless......any ideas? the whole point in me buying a new laptop was because it would have wireless and now i am no better off!

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