I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I have run into problems with this USB software (and found myself with a PC which wouldn't boot... luckilly managed to fix it to some extent though)

On installing the software from the CD, it appears rtlgina.dll becomes the dll associated with logon at boot up instead of the default msgina.dll.

I searched the net and found people had noticed their boot up screens had changed etc, but mine got to a point where my PC seemed confused as to how to even boot and only got to an error screen regarding rtlgina.dll.

I booted into safe mode, installed a fix from here: Fix Windows® XP Logon/Restore Welcome Screen (this fix is also linked to by a moderator at Netgear's forum so it is a known issue) and my computer boots normally now.

The utility spots that the default dll is not being used when Netgear has been istalled but remedies it so that you can use Netgear and login normally at boot up.

I thought this should be pointed out because it really did mess up my PC - I ordered a new one but after several hours of messing, I cured the one that had died... welll, everyone needs 2 PCs and a laptop eh?!