Hi all,

I've been told that the price you pay for a 108Mbps wireless connection is a loss in signal strength. I would love to test this theory by dropping the network speed to 54Mbps (I only really use the network for shared Internet these days), but I can't find any options to disable the 108Mbps speed setting on the router or my network cards.

I've taken the router off the "Auto 108Mbps" setting and put it onto "g only", and also changed the Channel from 6 to... well I've tried a few of them. In all cases, my client PCs tell me they're still connected at 108. I was pretty sure changing this setting would sort it!

I have a Netgear PCI card for my desktop, and a D-Link USB dongle for the laptop. Sorry, don't have any model numbers, as I'm at work at the mo! But does anyone know if the NIC manufacturers usually put some kind of setting in the wireless control panel to change the speed of the NIC? So far I haven't been able to find any.

Thanks very much,