I think i may need a wpa psk key and i havent got a clue what it is, my laptop doesnt have an on/off switch for the network card
If you don't have the Key that SKY provided you can easily find it out.

Connect your Laptop to the router via a cable, then open up a web browser and go to, log in as Username: admin and password: sky.

This will open up the router page, click the wireless tab, scroll down and you will see 4 keys at the bottom. Write down the one that has the box next to it marked (usually its the first key).

Log out of the router and discconect the cabe, enable your laptops wireless card and try to connect. After a second it will prompt for a wireless key, just type the key in and bingo your sorted.

If you have further problems, repeat the above steps once or twice to make sure the number is correct and is typed correct. (You can copy the key from the interface menu and paste it when prompted, this is the easiest way to know you got it right ).

If you still have problems, reply again with a bit more detail than "I've done everything"