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    Wireless issue / Need advice pls

    This is a discussion on Wireless issue / Need advice pls within the Wireless / Adapters forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; Hi all, new user and first post so apologies if I've placed this in the wrong section. The set-up in ...

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      Wireless issue / Need advice pls

      Hi all, new user and first post so apologies if I've placed this in the wrong section.

      The set-up in my house is, router downstairs in living room to serve Wi-fi downstairs and 3/4 bedrooms upstairs (one is spare) and also a detached garage approx 6m from house.

      Wireless coverage is awful all over the house, even when in same room as SkyHub Sr102. Tried changing wireless channels, changing position of hub, usual stuff as advised from official tech support.

      I want to improve wireless throughout the house, and also looking to have an ethernet connection to desktop in garage so Im wondering what my options are. I dont think the SkyHub is that good but I understand im almost tied to it.

      Would homeplugs be an option? the garage has its own fusebox but is ran off same electricity supply as the house,
      and is linked to circuit breaker in the house. Or, is it possible to run a 2nd router from the skyhub and use skyhub simply as a modem? And is it possible to run an additional router from a homeplug?

      I dont want to go out and spend a lot of money on something if its unlikely to work, but if theres a method that
      will give me reliable consistent service across the house and garage Iím happy to pay the up front fee for the equipment
      to make life easier and get the best out of my connection.

      Does anyone have any similar circumstances or aware of what my best option would be ?

      Thanks in advance folks, any help would be greatly appreciated.
      am at the end of my tether with the official sky help methods, so thought I would try here.


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      Re: Wireless issue / Need advice pls

      I believe the Sky Hubs are deliberately poor in Wi-fi coverage people buy Wi-fi extenders to reach further. I had when when I wanted to use my wi-fi at top of my garden in my shed on an occasion.

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      Re: Wireless issue / Need advice pls

      Even as an advocate of Homeplugs, which I am, I would be wary of running the homeplugs in the way you envisage. They are excellent devices but there are limitations, the first of which is fuseboxes or ( I hope ) RCD circuit breakers. Certain circuit breakers will effictively isolate your Homeplugs, which in one way is good as it stops others linking to your homeplugs.

      Around the house, yes, great I would just buy a pair to start with, just to see what your link speed is like from one end of the house to the other, or from downstairs to upstairs. Providing that is good, then you could connect the one end to a Wifi access point which would give you a good signal in that area.

      Netgear do some nice ones, they also do Homeplugs with a built in wifi access point in one of the plugs, as do other manufacturers! I am not promoting Netgear, I just have experience of them. Do not go for anything less than AV500's, you'll never get close to 500Mbps but they are a lot better than the AV200's. There are some new ones on the market claiming 1200Mbps, this is a theorectical maximum and pie in the sky. They do use the eathwire too so they create a second circuit and in theory should double what an existing AV500 could do. They are however, horribly expensive at the moment.

      Whilst having this new pair of homeplugs, try one in the garage and see what you get. The software that comes with them will tell you what the link speed is. If the link to the garage is good, then just go and get another Homeplug. I have four running in the house, working without any issues ( apart from the odd one dying ) for a few years now.

      If you CAN do it, then a Cat 5/6 cable is always better, Fibre would be best but we won't go down that path.
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      Re: Wireless issue / Need advice pls

      HomePlugs offer a nice easy method to expand your WiFi footprint with little work. From posts in the past there might be an issue with the garage as its mains is separate from your main wiring.

      Personally if you are able to install an Ethernet network and connect a couple of WiFi Extenders strategically around your home, with one either covering the garage or in it, I would suggest that this would be the best option.

      You'll need to use Cat 5e cable that is suitable for running outside to feed to the garage. Ideally this cable should be properly protected too.

      Cat 5e can support a 1Gbit LAN, something which I am sure you would want to operate at some stage in the not too distant future, if not already.

      When choosing the WiFi Extender consider getting one which supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and a good speed. 450mbps or 600mbps for the 2.4GHz band and currently up to 1.3Gbps for the 5GHz bands are the fastest, but remember that you need devices that can support these speeds. Only a few items in the shops support much above 300mbps. Most support no more than 150mbps.

      Why would I suggest this option over HomePlugs? Simply because even on a good network most people struggle to get a good throughput speed with HomePlugs. Combining this with WiFi would have an impact on your potential transfer rate.

      If you are interested in running a 1Gbit LAN, then simply connect the Sky Hub to a 1Gbit switch and run the feeds to the WiFi Extenders from the switch. Apart from the link to the router, everything else will run much faster.

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