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    2 routers or not 2 routers?

    This is a discussion on 2 routers or not 2 routers? within the Wireless / Adapters forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; Hi Sorry in advance for the newbie question. First, I've read the "How to connect 2 routers together" doc but ...

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      2 routers or not 2 routers?


      Sorry in advance for the newbie question. First, I've read the "How to connect 2 routers together" doc but also seen contrasting comments about whether connecting 2 routers together will actually work. I don't really understand the different terms - client mode/WDS etc so can anyone tell me if what I want to do will work and how best to improve my chances of it working:

      Scenario: I have Sky's netgear DG834GT currently providing internet to 3 PCs connected to it wirelessly using either a D-link DWA-140 RangeBooster N or Intel Pro Wireless 3945abg wireless adapter. I need to provide internet access to another 2 PCs in the basement (connecting wirelessly using same type of wireless adapteres) but there is no signal to my current DG834GT. The basement is on a different electrical circuit so I cannot use the powerline booster mentioned elsewhere.

      Proposal: Run an ethernet cable from a LAN port on the existing DG834GT to the LAN port on a new wireless router in the basement. Disable DHCP on the new router and configure a static IP in the same range as the existing DG834GT. The new router will have its own SSID. Configure the wireless adapters on the basement PCs to obtain an IP via DHCP. I am hoping this means that my basement PCs will connect wirelessly to the SSID on the new router and obtain an IP from the existing DG834GT and therefore get internet access. Meanwhile the 3 PC upstairs will continue to connect to the existing SSID and retain internet access.


      1) Is my proposal correct or do I misunderstand the setup and, if so, where have I gone wrong?
      2) There are sooo many routers/access points/access point as passive switch discussions I have no idea what to type of wireless router I should be buying to ensure the setup works. Am I better getting another DG834GT?

      Many thanks for taking the time to read my essay!

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      Re: 2 routers or not 2 routers?

      You've got the concept right but I would not suggest that you buy another ADSL router. You are going to be much better of buying an Ethernet (a.k.a cable routers) router to make the setup easier for you. I haven't read the guide you are referring to but I think it shows you how to connect two ADSL routers together.

      Get a cable router, connect it via ethernet to your existing router and turn off DHCP on your cable router. Job done.

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      Re: 2 routers or not 2 routers?

      Personally I would look around to see which would offer me the best price.

      I would also look at a WiFi Range Extender to see if this would offer a good choice.

      There is another option you may also wish to look into. You are talking about placing a WiFi access point in your basement.

      Providing that your wiring supports HomePlugs, you can now get HomePlugs which support WiFi n. These would provide you with a nice degree of flexibility, reduce the work required (i.e. fitting the Ethernet cable) as well as providing the WiFi access point. Some also have LAN ports, so you could have a Wire connection in some cases as well.

      HomePlug WiFi n - Google Search

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