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Yes you could.

That's the point - you keep the Sagem to make the connection to the internet then feed it through to the other router and turn off the wireless. You move your NAS and everything else to the N router. As far as devices on your network are concerned the Sagem router doesn't exist. No harder to do than hacking your Sky password and complies with the T&Cs.
if the sagem router doesnt exist to the devices on the network none of them will connect to the internet the N router will be seen by devices connecting to it as a switch and the sagem router will still be seen as the gateway - if its done properly. when connecting the n router to the sagem dont forget to chnage the ip address of the n router to 192.168.0.x and disable dhcp and have the 2 routers connected LAN to LAN - when piggy backing the 2 routers you dont have to have 2 dsl routers you can piggy back a cable router to a dsl router using the same method - if ur using a cable router ensure that the ethernet cable connecting the 2 routers are connected to 1 LAN port on each router do not have the cable router connected via WAN port.