Hi everyone , hope you can help me , i will keep it as short as poss. This is my set up ,new sagem router from sky ( very nice) , i just bought a laptop with windows 7 which i connect to the router wirelessly and it says i can stream my music and pictures to other computers and devices such as Xbox 360 and playstation 3 . It works wonderfully , so whats the problem , well its like this, 1 of my xbox is wired to the router and the playstation 3 is also wired to the router, they work perfect , the problem i have is the laptop will show up on the 2nd wireless xbox, but the xbox just wont connect . Its obviously a wireless to wireless thing, tried opening ports , and before you say it yes if i wire the laptop to the router it works , but i bought a laptop so i was not stuck behind a desk . If you can help it would be Great .