Hi, Iíve recently moved from BT Broadband to Sky, as Iím a fair distance from the exchange I can only get Sky basic ie upto 2mb but at least its free

I have 2 Windows XP based laptops (both same model and vendor). One of them connects fine downstairs (nearest the Sky router) and also from the bedrooms upstairs. However one of the laptops seems to lose its wireless connection after a while (sometimes immediately and sometimes after a few hours) when I take the laptop upstairs. As I walk downstairs the wireless signal picks up again and I can connect again but it then goes again when I get into the bedroom!

So far Iíve tried various different channels to no avail, do you think I have a faulty Sky wireless router with a weak/intermittent signal or could it be a laptop problem. The problem laptop is running Zonealarm firewall/virus software, whilst the one which works fine (company laptop) is running Symantec Endpoint Protection. Both laptops worked fine before I changed to Sky (I was using a combination of a standard BT Broadband Router and a Belkin Wireless Router previously with BT.

Any ideas welcomed please, I think I may go to Virgin for faster (but more expensive) broadband if I cant resolve this problem.