I have a NetGear N Router which supports 130/270mbs and my laptop has an N Card and my Desktop too, it was working fine and now I have problems.

My white netgear works fine on G&B Channel 6 no problems

My netgear N router is set to 130mbs and ive tried channels 1,6,11 and it wont connect to SSID, it just sees the SSID but can't connect... ive turned encryption off so i know its not an encryption issue and my laptop and desktop both do it (both vista) and it just wont do it!! it see's the SSID but when I diagnose problem vista simply tells me SSID isnt broadcasting...

I've even turned my N-Router to Mode G&B and then G - it still won't do it... its really bugging me, ive reset it and reinstalled my firmware from netgear site, still will not do it..

My wireless is located at main socket on top of a table in the hall... what do i do?