hi all hope you can be so kind as to help.

have had sky for 14 months on this desktop with no issues at all. recently bought a small netbook that came pre installed with linux os. upon startup the wireless connection was excellent (after entering wep key) and never failed in the week or so i have used it.

last night i installed a copy of xp on the netbook and the notebook is fully functioning under xp now.

however i cant make a wireless connection to my router. under wireless networks the network is being found but most of the time i get the message "connecting to network" and then a message saying no available wireless networks were able to be connected.

following some of the general google advice i have changed the wireless network name, and changed the wpa-psk key the channel number is at 11 (as it was previously)

i have also turned access control on and added the netbook (i need to check the mac code is correct but i think its is was only 13 digit code on base)

none of this has worked so far, as said above the connection was lovely when using linux so it is obviously an xp compatablility problem question is what is it )

it is a netgear router the same one sky delivered when setup broadband
Firmware Version V1.03.87 .

i would really appreciate any help on this

thanks a lot