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    MAJOR!! Wireless strength issue

    This is a discussion on MAJOR!! Wireless strength issue within the Wireless / Adapters forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; Originally Posted by Saturday No, that's the point Isitme was making. Those are not non-overlapping in the UK. Yes, 1, ...

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      Re: MAJOR!! Wireless strength issue

      Quote Originally Posted by Saturday View Post
      No, that's the point Isitme was making. Those are not non-overlapping in the UK.
      Yes, 1, 6, 11 do not overlap anywhere - they are spaced sufficiently far apart for the 802.11 frequencies to be clear of eachother. That alone is my point.

      That 1, 7 and 13 also do not overlap is not - to my mind - that significant, and may in fact bring you closer into conflict with adjacent routers using the default 1, 6, 11 (they typically do not come out of the box config'd to 1, 7, 13).

      You're quoting 802.11b and 802.11g non overlapping channels used in the US whereas we're in Europe. Here we use channels 1 to 13 (US is 1 to 11) and actually the channels that don't overlap in the Sky router, are therefore 1, 7 and 13.
      Yes, assuming that the adjacent and interfering router/s are also using 1, 7, 13 which so far as I've ever seen using Stumbler when tracking down such issues is not the case. Truly, I have yet to see channels 7 and 13 being used (so clearly you don't work in the area that I do ).

      The "best" channel to use is one that is as far away as possible from any other frequencies being broadcast within range. If people think say channel 6 is one of the "best" and two adjacent people use it then that's not going to be very satisfactory.
      I would agree totally with that statement with the caveat that the decision is based upon gaining knowledge of the local environment using something like Stumbler (which I carry on my PDA and now my iPod Touch, very handy). But in the absence of any hard information I have found 100% success using the 1, 6, 11 rule. That is not to suggest for a moment that 1, 7, 13 does not work - just that given the "norm" out there my own personal experience is that 1, 6, 11 actually works.

      In an environment where other devices can not be detected, channel 13 is probably a good choice as it is likely to be least affected by other sources of interference such as the military, microwave ovens, radio amateurs etc.
      I wouldn't be so bold . A recent experience with an Orange user nearly got me a few weeks back. The box shipped with Channel 1 enabled. But the user could not access their wireless network no how. There was a single solitary other network in the area that was on Channel 11 (see?) and that was it. It was only after some head-scratching that I decided to move channels around a bit. As soon as I landed on Channel 6 the WLAN was accessible. The only thing that we could put it down to was that there was a boiler-cupboard behind the adjacent wall. No DECT, no wireless alarms, no wireless anything else! Just this large copper tank, some pipes and a mains wire to the pump and timer. Go figure!!

      I think the salient point is - black art y'all see - is that there is no one answer to wireless problems. Read the forgoing and try it all.
      It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer.
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      Re: MAJOR!! Wireless strength issue

      Living and working close to an RAF base, the answer to wireless problems is cat5 cable/ mains network adaptor.
      I know that wireless is very useful, but there are times/places where you just cannot get it to work well.


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