Im not sure if i've posted this in the right board or not.

I've just got a pair of Solwise PL-85E homeplugs to replace my poor wireless connection but I appear to be having some problems.

1 homeplug is plugged into a double wall socket near the router, which is a Sky Sagem V2 (black one which looks like a Sky HD Box) and the other homeplug is connected to a wall socket near my PC I am connecting it to, which is running Vista 32bit SP1 connected to the onboard lan.

When I first set them up they appeared to work fine for 15minutes and then Vista reported a limited connection, I could not log onto the router to reboot it and could not get any internet access. After resetting the router by switching it off/on the same thing happened again after 15minutes, I then checked the other PC which is connected directly into the router and there was no internet access but I could log onto the router ok. After a few more resets it didn't seem to last as long with the connection failing after 3minutes. I then switched off both homeplugs and reset the router and checked if the internet connection was stable on the other PC, which is was.

I swapped the ethernet cables provided with the ones I got with my PS3 and Xbox360 which appeared to solve the problem and was stable for quite a few hours and then the same thing happened again, though this time the other PC was hit and miss whether I could log onto the router and reboot.

I have never had any internet connection or network issues with this router prior to yesterday when I first got my homeplugs, I can only think it is a problem with the homeplugs or is a pure co-incedence. When I manage to log onto the router the status reports PPP Server Down relating to the Internet Connection. Connectivity lights on the router and both homeplugs are all light with the 3rd light on the homeplugs flashing every so often.

When the limited connection is reported on my Vista PC a repair and diagnose does not solve the problem and if I reboot it assigns a private network address and not my usual IP set by the router.

I can only think it is the Homeplugs which are causing the router to more or less crash, due to incompatibility or faulty homeplugs.

Any help is greatly appreciated.