Hi there, I currently using the NETGEAR DG834GT Router (white). I have my pc wired to the router with an ethernet cable and also my Xbox 360 wired into the router with ethernet cable.

The problem comes when the pc downstairs tries to connect wirelessly. Im not sure on the wireless adapter type, but Sky sent me it out so I assume it works with my router.

Usually the wireless connection on the PC will either be able to load up Google as its homepage, or kick me off Xbox Live if Im playing on the 360. If it disconnects me from Xbox Live, then it usually stops my internet on the Wired PC also.

Im sick of Rebooting the router and the Xbox everytime someone wants to use the Wireless PC, so Im seeking help.

Im a total novice when it comes to Router settings and Broadband connections, but I do have a fair level of PC knowledge. So any help my need to be 'dumbed down' a tad.