Ive had a look through the other posts on here but cant find anything that seems identical to my problem, so apologies if ive missed something or if this is in the wrong place, and I would appreciate any help anyone can give me, as this is doing my head in. Here is my problem:

Before I moved to Sky Broadband I had no problems with my internet (my old ISP was Metronet) and my wireless was fine (so i know the hardware is good), but since ive been with Sky ive had the same problem. Whenever I use the internet for downloading or causing heavy load on the connection (whether it is by uTorrent, Limewire or using IE), the wireless connection drops out, and can only be fixed by disabling the wireless card in my PC and re-enabling it.

I have tried 3 different routers and all cause the same problem (although the Netgear router Sky gave me gives me a really bad signal and is even worse, so Im using my own router, its more reliable in my situation). This happens on both my Desktop (running Vista Business) and my Laptop (running Windows XP).

However, if I plug an ethernet cable directly into the router and download using uTorrent like that, I get a flawless, full speed connection that works indefinately with no cut outs or anything, and when the wireless connection does, the router stays fine, and i can access it by ethernet and it will still work without any action. Like i say, i know the hardware works, and the router works for wired, this problem only affects my wireless.

Any help or advice that anyone could give me would be GREATLY appreciated.

Many Thanks.