Hi all,

Just bought a brand an Acer Aspire 5630 running Vista Home Premium and was having enormous trouble keeping a stable wireless connection with the new black Netgear router even with the computer sitting right next to it on the desk it would connect for a few seconds and then immediatly disconnect again...so after a night filled with surfing I came up with a solution...I don't know which one of these worked for me but I'm posting them all here in one place so that if anyone else has a problem like this they can try all of them and find them all in one place...

So here goes...

1. Go into the device manager and look at the properties for your wireless card, now under power management there is an option to turn the device off to save power, make sure that is unchecked and your problem should be fixed!

2. Steve Lamb's Blog : Windows Vista won't connect to the network - how to fix the problem by making Vista less aggressive on the network

3. Wireless drop-off with Vista Basic | Infopirate.org

4. You may experience connectivity issues or performance issues when you connect a mobile PC that is running Windows Vista to a wireless access point

5. Sounds like same problem I had way back in march managed to get the dam wireless to work at long last on my Vista laptop

just went in router set up and clicked on Wireless Station Access List, noticed for the first time that in the Available Wireless Stations box it was showing an unknown device with a MAC address, clicked add and then turned on wireless device and it connected.

6. Go into your Control Panel, Power Options, on the left pane click 'Choose when to turn off display'. On the next pane click 'Change advanced power settings' Expand the 'Wireless adapter settings' and set it to 'Maximum Performance' left click the setting and use the drop down box. If you are using a plugin adapter on a laptop or desktop, also expand the USB section and set it to 'Disabled'. Both of these can cause connection/disconnection problems.

You can also check in the Network and Sharing Centre, that you are set to use a Private Network and that Network Discovery is On.

It is always better to check your connection by ethernet, this rules out wireless problems.

If it is running Norton or MacAfee, these have been know to cause problems, try disabling.

Unlikely, but just in case the Windows firewall is causing the problem, go to the Control Panel>Security Settings and turn it off temporarily.

7. WPA2 is not supported by the router, so you should use WPA Personal. WPA-PSK in the router.

8. Sky User - The unofficial support forum for everything Sky! How-to Configure your Routers Wireless Settings

Like I say sorry it's 8 things but ONE of them did work and now I have a stable secured WPA connection and even have my DECT phone sitting on the same desk so I hope one of them works for you too.