Right, I know there have been loads of people in this situation and have asked for, and recieved feedback about their wireless connection but please can I get some feedback thats more recent... I'm writing this message on behalf of my girlfriend whose laptop keeps disconnecting from the wireless network.

Her Sony vaio laptop uses the BT connection manager to look for a wireless connection. As WPA security doesnt even connect on her laptop we changed the house security option to WEP. The laptop connects fine via the ethernet cable. But her laptop connection wirelessly lasts for an average of 10seconds before disconnecting. A manual connection is the only way to get it working again, even if for another 10seconds!

There is other laptops that are on the network in our house and they work fine and don't disconnect at all. The actual netgear DG834GT router is connected to a desktop through the ethernet cable. I have tried the 'unticking' of the UPnP and it hasnt made a difference.

So I believe that the problem is with the sony viao laptop and its wireless settings as it works when wired and other laptops work fine on the network.

If anyone can shed light on how to solve this problem please respond. I understand that you may already have responded previously bt please please help...