Hi all,

This has been an invaluable forum for me since getting Sky Broadband last week, as well as helping my poor folks who signed up at their place and know absolutely nothing about the vagaries of networking.

Anyhoo, I have a challenge for all you experts out there.

I've got the new Sky Netgear router set up downstairs in my two bed terraced house (i.e. pretty small). I've switched it to WEP encryption, as I'm a freelance games journo and need to be able to hook up my Nintendo DS.

On my budget wireless laptop I get an Excellent, rock steady 54mbps connection anywhere in the house, with a 7.5mb down speed (not bad as I'm on the mid-range package - 3 for 26).

However, the Belkin F5D7001 G+ PCI wireless adaptor on my desktop PC (in the back bedroom) only gets 11mbps tops and even drops out occasionally. This is particularly odd, as the laptop works fine in this room despite being only wireless G.

The strangest part though is that, when it first connects, I get 54mbps and Excellent on the Belkin adaptor before Windows picks up the network. This could be where the issue lies but I don't know how to fix it.

I've tinkered with the channel settings etc but nothing seems to help.

If there's any advice you kind people can offer me I'd be eternally grateful. Otherwise, it's back up to PC World to take back the Belkin.

Would a USB adaptor be better?