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    Netgear WG111T & Sky Router - Wireless Speeds Very Erratic

    This is a discussion on Netgear WG111T & Sky Router - Wireless Speeds Very Erratic within the Wireless / Adapters forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; I've posted this in the official Netgear forum but they've recommended me to post it here as it is to ...

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      Netgear WG111T & Sky Router - Wireless Speeds Very Erratic

      I've posted this in the official Netgear forum but they've recommended me to post it here as it is to do with the Sky Router. Hope you guys know an answer as I'm at the end of my tether
      Netgear WG111T - Wireless Speeds Very Erratic - NETGEAR Forums

      I've just taken order of my Netgear WG111T wireless adapter to replace my Belkin F5D7051. My new adapter works well but I have a problem.

      I've connected my WG111T to my router. When it scans for my router it says my signal strength is 75%, with my old adapter it used to report about 65% so the signal strength is better with my WG111T

      Despite this I can only get 54mbps, which is ok I can live without 108mbps but it would be nice . But for whatever reason the speed changes alot. I will be using the internet and it will be at 54mbps then suddenly it'll dip to 11mbps, then 24, then 36 then 48 then back to 54. Then 2 minutes later it'll happen again (my signal strength is Excellent according to Windows and I'm getting 7 out of 8 green dots according to the Netgear WG111T Smart Wizard at all times). With my old adapter this never happened. It didn't get a signal as strong as the WG111T gets but it would always stay at 54mbps unless the signal was very bad (which it never has been). This makes it nearly impossible to play games online as when this happens I get a tremendous amount of lag (and sometimes I get disconnected from the server) until the adapter reaches 54mbps again.

      After alot of testing I've concluded that something must be seriously wrong with either my WG111T or my DG834GT. I decided to plug my router right by my adapter so they were side by side. The adapter still didn't try to use 108mbps, (even though the router supports this mode and I have the router on channel 6) and the same problem kept happening every 2 minutes or so (wireless speed would suddenly drop then go back to 54mbps after 20 seconds) and even so the adapter reported that the signal from the router was 100%.

      I am really confused. Whats going on?

      Screenshot says it all really

      Help Please
      Cannot Understand Basic English 623

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      Re: Netgear WG111T & Sky Router - Wireless Speeds Very Erratic

      I have a very similar thread but mine is regards netgears 108mbps WG311t wireless pci card. I have great signal stregnth, full infact but I also only connect at 54mbps. I phoned sky knowing they dont support this card and after they tried to fob me off i finally got an answer. Sky's DG834GT router DOES NOT support 108mbps. The tech guy simply said it transmits at a maximim speed of 54mbps. Frustrating? Just a little! So it would seem you'll never achieve 108mbps while using Sky's router with sky's firmware with any 108mbps capable adapter.

      Part of me is actually hoping the guy that told me this was A)Wrong B)Trying to get me off the phone or C) Just an idiot!

      Hopefully someone else can shed some light as to the authenticity of this information.




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