Hi all,

I have recently bought an XBox 360 with the official wireless adapter. I have a Sky router and my PC is wired to the router, but it's in another room (PC and router are upstairs, XBox downstairs).

I managed to connect everything up with no problem at all. Initially, when I ran the optimiser in Media Centre, everything was great and performance worked well. I was streaming video with no problems at all. The next day, I triied again and it was really slow. So ran the optimiser again and this time there was only one bar lit on the performance graph. I reconnected everything again but still the same.

The odd thing is, downloads work absolutely fine from XBox live, and I can stream music and pictures without any problems. It's just Media Centre that seems to have a problem. Performance is so bad that even navigating around the menus is painful.

Nothing has changed since it was working. The router and the XBox are in the same position, and no new devices have been installed into the house.

I checked the wireless settings and it all looks fine, and the XBox is showing the signal strength as one off the top.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.