Hi Guys,

Its been a horrible time since i moved from virgin to Sky ,i have faced alot of problems, such as,

1. Wireless connection on laptop say conected but nothing works had to disable the adaptor then enable but some times dat dosnt help either. also somtimes it say not connected but does the browsing.

2. Changed the router with the replacement of Sky but its worse so back to old one.Cordless phone is about 25 Feets away from router in other room but had to switch it off to get the wireless work other wise it dosnt.

3. I have tried so many things disable the security,Changed the channels, Turn Upnp off but didnt gave any joy.

Wired network works fine no probs every thing worng with wireless.

if i get a new router will i be able to just plug in and go or do i have to get any settings.

Can any one Please help me .