Hi everyone, just posted this in the netgear forum so appologies if youve read it but saw more items like mine here, i have read the others but cant seem to find the answer .. im new here and looking for some advice. Have spent the entire day since 9 am trying to sort this on the phone to various tech supports and had no sucess... nearly ready to leap from an upstairs window!!!
I was a NTL customer and had the following set up:
My modem was upstairs connected to a WIFI router (DLINK) which in turn served my WIFI laptop and my PC (connected by ethernet to the router) and my printer, (connected to a DLINK print server, which was connected via ethernet to to router also)
Meaning i could acess the internet on the PC and on my Laptop, print from ym Laptop or PC to the printer and also access shared folders on my PC and vice versa on my laptop...

I recently changed to SKY and my router arrived, i have been waiting to hear about my phone line which was due to be active on the 10th, i hadnt heard anything so this morning i rang SKy i was told my line became active yesterday, but hadnt had a confirmation letter, nor had the set up disk arrived.
The lady said that i could now connect and she would put me through to tech support to help me. it was very simple to connect to the internet on both my laptop and PC... however i have not been able to print from either computer, i can see the Print server, its being reconised but it wont print anything, after many many calls to D LINK tech support, i think .. think this is solved now. However im still not able to see the shared folders on my PC or my laptop from the opposite machine.
Ive ran the network set ups on each machine, made sure the names are the same and everything, im not very technically minded , ive even been down to PC world to ask there, they said to run the wizard, which i have, ive spend hours on the phone to tech support who ended up running me through the internet connection set up because they didnt understand what i was talking about, totall wasted 40 minutes!
Now they tell me they cant advise me on this!
I just want everything to be how it was before i pluigged this damn thing in ... Really stressed and totally wasted the whole day trying to get this set up.. so any help any one can give would be great!
since earlier i have no got the computers pinging each other, after changing settings in norton to allow trusted zones, however they still wont file share when i click on the icon it says i dont have the right permissions