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    WG111t wireless problem

    This is a discussion on WG111t wireless problem within the Wireless / Adapters forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; I set up with Sky four weeks back, as I've got their box for the tv I thought might as ...

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      Question WG111t wireless problem

      I set up with Sky four weeks back, as I've got their box for the tv I thought might as well switch from Wanadoo (orange) and pay one lot.

      Had all sorts of problems getting on line, then was sent three different pass words, but eventualy it seems to have settled down apart from the connection keeps dropping and I keep having to reset the router.

      I bought a Netgear adaptor from Sky, a WG111t for the computer as it had no ethernet port, but PC World was great and I was able to fit an ethernet port, so decided to use the adapter for my lap top.

      After a week of installing and un-installing, now nine times I am still having problems.

      The lap top is Windows XP home, the main computer XP Professional.
      I follow the wizard set up on the disk in the laptop, although I'm not sure if I should be setting up my own password for the pass phrase or if sky has one that I'm supposed to use.

      It shows an excellent connection, but I can't get on the internet, it just keeps saying, page cannot be displayed, there are no pings ever.

      I was able to set up as US country, but the network that allowed me on the internet was unsecure, so I uninstalled again.

      I spent an hour speaking to netgear technition but still no go.

      I have no idea what to do next and I thought that as this is a sky forum, some one on here must know what is wrong or what I should do get on to the internet. The laptop does log on to the internet if connected to the router and opens ok.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated and could some one please tell me why my router keeps dropping the connection and apart from reseting should I do any thing else.

      My phone bill is going to be mega big because I kept having to phone sky technical help, so I just don't want to make any more phone calls, maybe I should have stayed with Orange and just upgrated!

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      Re: WG111t wireless problem

      I don't know about Sky, but if you selected an Orange upgrade the chances are that you would have had no broadband at all.

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      Re: WG111t wireless problem

      These steps are may be helpful when you have wireless trouble.

      Connect to the router by ethernet cable. Log in to the router's
      user interface using Internet Explorer. You do this by typing into the address bar of the browser.You should then
      see a log in box. The User name is admin the Password is sky.

      Check that the router is set to broadcast SSID name and then
      change it from the default (usually SKY1234 or something) -- because a neighbour may have the same router as you and also be on the default ID (which will confuse you).

      Disable all encryption temporarily.

      Log out of the router and turn it off for a minute, then on again.

      If poss. put the computer in the same room as the router to eliminate issues of wireless range.

      Preferably let your wireless adapter's utilities manage the connection (rather than Windows). Turn off the Windows firewall temporarily.

      Scan for any neighbouring wireless networks and make sure you are at least three channels away from them.

      Turn off or relocate: cordless phone and base, mobile/cellphone, video senders etc.

      Once everything is working re-enable encryption and Windows firewall.

      The WPA passphrase should have been supplied by Sky -- if not, you can create your own (write it down somewhere safe). Apply the passphrase to both the router and the adapter.

      If one of your computers has a wireless adapter which doesn't support WPA -- change to WEP encryption.



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