We have this morning made some changes to our website and redirected some old pages to their newer equivalents.

An example of this was the old tools page, which now goes to the new Tools and Tutorials section in our CMS part of the website, which then feeds to other useful links.

We have also retired the old Broadband Speedtester, and have now redirected any requests for the old URL to the new Broadband Speedtester URL.

As our website has well over two years of posts, tutorials and other information, it was essential for us to make these changes, so that as and when we update the website in the future, these changes are reflected in all sections. Now that we have redone the pages into the forums and CMS wrapper, this should now be a whole lot easier for us to manage at a later date.

Obviously, we may have missed some sections or pages and would appreciate it, if you come across any other pages that look like the old V1 or V2 site, (those who are regulars will know what these look like) please report them in this thread so that we can rectify them. Until the homepage is updated, in the very near future, there may appear to be V2 pages being served to your browser. (these can be ignored)

I would like to say a quick thank you to Adam for pointing this method out to me via PM, as it had just not clicked with me before to do this, and now, the end result greatly reduces any work that we would have to do in the future.