Ever since i moved to my new place, my sky tv picture has been a lot less sharp and clear than it was at my old address.
On some channels...the picture is very pixelated and blocky. And also...at times, people can have what i call the Ready brek effect around them (remember the old ready break adds, the people in it would have a haze around them). This is especially true while watching the likes of football and rugby.
Im not sure if this is down to the fact that im now in a block of flats, and have a communial sky dish.....or maybe, and more likely, to be the cable that the previous tennats left behind. Its a LONG lead and the connector bits are very crudely put together. They have the copper sticking out from under the connectors...and the connectors arent very secure, especially in the back of the sky box. The cables sometimes pop out of the screw on connectors. But at the mo, they are firmly in place.
I tried changing over the scart cables, just incase, but no, still the same
I went into signal test in the System Details menu. Input 1 Signal Strength i would say, is just over 50% with the quality at about 90%
Input 2 Signal Strength is about 70%, with the quality being about 90% again.
Could this maybe be responsible for the issues?

Any advice would be appreciated