15th Sept i cancelled my Tiscali LLU broadband

30th sept renmoved off line

15th Oct line clear

30th Oct Sky connection date (never happened)

15th Nov ask to cancel sky (*due to nobody giving me the answer i wanted)

cancellation accepted 20th Dec - re-lease date 3rd Jan

4th Jan sky re-provide LOL (not funny)

finally Bt wholesale closed down the re-provide (how who knows cus they could'nt do it months prior)

23 Jan my line is clear and signed up with Bt for ease (same phone and ISP)

downside is i wish that mailer hadnt arrived in the post from SKY

ive learne also that Customer Service isnt really that any more, its customer fob off, standard email after email, 20 credit (wow id rather be online)

Bt wholesale are supposed to be given new rights to cancel if ISP FCKU it up lets hope they can

cheers for the site its been great and info is outstanding, hope everyone has less hassle getting there problems sorted

enjoy your time online (i will from now on)