Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you could help me with a problem i have with sky. My grandad recently passed away, leaving my nana with the Sky TV, Broadband and Talk package he had with sky. She never used broadband and barley watched tv, but obviously needed the phone. I rang sky to explain the situation and that i wished to cancel the tv and broadband but keep the phone with them, they explained that this was not possible as it was a service they did not offer. I tried to explain that all she wanted was less hassle at a time such as this and wanted things to go as smoothly as possible and asked again if she could keep the phone, was told no, so i decided to cancel the whole contract with them. They agreed, terminated the contract and i gave BT a ring. BT said that the line status was 'cancelation pending' and that they could not install their service on her line as Sky own the line and that once they cancelled she would need to pay 150 to get a new line installed with BT, if we had rang BT first before cancelling with sky everything would have been ok and she would not have to pay a penny (how nice of sky not to tell me this). I again rang sky explained everything and they would not budge, said the contract had been terminated and that our choices were renew contract with them and pay 23 per month for a service she would not use or pay 150 to a new service provider to buy the line from them. Can anyone please help me with this, how do i go about making a complaint and whats the best step to take next, iam so annoyed at sky for having such a lack of proffesionalism and not taking into consideration the circumstances. I apologize for the long winded message, just wanted to make sure i go everything in, any help greatly appreciated,



p.s. posted in wrong forum before, please feel free to delete, thanks.