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    leaving sky my experience

    This is a discussion on leaving sky my experience within the Sky / Sky+ / Sky+ HD forums, part of the Joining or leaving Sky category; I decided against the offer in the end. I looked again and i really think a Gamepass for NFL plus ...

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      Re: leaving sky my experience

      I decided against the offer in the end. I looked again and i really think a Gamepass for NFL plus Walking Dead on 5 next year and Game Of Thrones boxed sets makes far more sense. It just isn't worth the money for me.

      I also realised some time back how much my power my Pace HD box was burning and have been really unhappy with it. Paying a sub to keep it underused and wasting energy makes no sense anymore.

      Have to admit I did have a chat to them but also found they couldn't transfer it from my wifes name to mine (i always dealt with it but had to get her to talk to them every time), would need a new account without the offer so that helped seal the deal
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      Re: leaving sky my experience

      Just off the phone to Sky quite shocked in that the only offer they were willing to give me was 10% off the TV package and nothing off the broadband or phone. The guy kept going on about they had been loyal to me saving me 320.00 last year and that my logic was not sound. I did not know that in order to be in cancellations you had to have a qualification in psychology as well, to cut a long story short I have had to cancel the tv and will get my next broadband and telephone provider to cancel bb and phone. I have been with Sky for 12 years with the full package and tried at least to get the deal offered to new customers incidentally the 320 I saved is equivalent to 2.22 a month off my package over the 12 years as this is the first deal I had ever got. Disappointing!

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      Re: leaving sky my experience

      My leaving Sky was prompted by a failed Sky+ box, and an offer too tempting to refuse from Virgin. All went fine...until...

      ...until I started receiving more bills from Sky for services that had actually been transferred to Virgin - broadband, and a supplement for not having sky talk. Several phone calls later, over an hour and a half's worth of wasted time, where sky claimed the services had not been transferred, virgin claimed they had, and me stuck in the middle, a sky advisor finally found confirmation buried somewhere in their systems that the services had, in fact, all been transferred correctly and so I was being billed in error. They eventually credited everything back, having at first told me I'd need to claim it from Virgin!

      When I queried if I would be billed for anything else, they advised me to cancel my direct debit. Which I did.

      I then received text and email from sky about unpaid/overdue items and a failed direct debit payment. Then a letter threatening to cut off the services (which had already been transferred anyway!) and also threatening credit rating action and legal action. On calling them again, Sky's response was that it takes 2 weeks for these post account credits to show on the account, and so the letter must have gone out before they took effect. It actually was dated 19 days after the credits being placed, so not sure I believe that. Their system showed the actual outstanding amount as being a tiny amount relating to Sky talk tariff from the point when I cancelled to the actual switchover date (which is fair enough), instead of the larger amount the letter and giro slip said I owed them.

      They wouldn't / couldn't send an updated bill for the correct amount . I could have paid online, but I actually wanted some paper trail to prove that everything is settled (I don't want more threatening letters about debt collection agencies), so they are sending a new giro payment slip for the correct amount.

      They had the decency to admit it was entirely their error, but there was no consideration of the hassle and waste of time this has caused, and even alarm at receiving these letters talking about legal action and debt collectors.

      So, I'll waste another 20 minutes going to the bank to pay the 2.24 when the new giro slip arrives! Still, it proves it you're prepared to keep calling, you will eventually get some result from sky.

      My recommendations to anyone interested:

      To the customer - If leaving Sky - don't rely on the other provider (even thought they did do everything they were supposed to) - call sky on or soon after the day of switchover and get them to confirm everything has been switched across OK, confirm any outstanding charges, and that no more charges will be applied.

      To Sky - sort out your record keeping, and sort out how you deal with these situations. I have seen numerous other ex-customers with similar complaints about continuing to be billed after switch over. And especially, in situations where you admit you are at fault - don't annoy the customer even more over such small amounts. Writing off that tiny sum may not have made me rush back to you as a customer, but not doing so, and my recent overall experiences has certainly made me never want to be a customer again, and I will give that honest opinion to all who ask for it.

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      Re: leaving sky my experience

      It certainly sounds like you have had some 'fun' there. Just a couple of points which you may be interested in:

      Virgin tend to use Cable, but does use the BTO network in areas where it doesn't cable.

      Since some parts of your area are cabled, I am going to guess that you have Virgin Cable. Did you ever check that you Sky telephone and broadband had actually been cancelled by Virgin Media? It may be that they expected you to do this or just messed up on their side.

      Well done for checking your Direct Debits though and for cancelling them in the end.

      In practise the advise is always to check that things with your previous supplier have been correctly cancelled and that everything works with the new supplier. This is true when transferring between all the Telephone and Internet providers, even though the Ofcom rules are supposed to make it easier.

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