im about to be conected to sky, next tueday infact, modem arrived this morning.

at the moment i have a small home network, my pc and gf pc, i have these connected simply by a ethernet cable to the ethernet port of both pcs, and have enabled internet sharing, print sharing and file sharing etc, this is setup currently uses a usb modem for the internet connection. This network has been running for about 2 years with no problems. My pc also has a working wireless card, gfs pc dose not have wireless.

1) so i decided to have a little fiddle with my new modem from sky, i connected it up to power, as soon as i did this my pc found the sky modem through its wireless connection. however im having problems as the wireless conection is giving itself a different ip addy to the standard (as my lan connection to gfs pc is already using this ip) i also changed the setting of the wirless to the same ip, but i can still not get into the settings for the sky modem, any idears?

2) i then set up the network in the following way - both pcs conected via ethernet to new sky modem, also my pc still had its wireless connection to the sky modem, i thought that this would then control the lan, and alow both pcs to talk together, and also share the same internet connection to the new sky one (not yet activated) but this also failed to work, both pcs could no longer talk to each other, i could not open any files or gain accses to the other pc and vice versa. so come tuesday when i go live with sky can i have some suggestions on how to set my home net work up through the router?

I want both pcs to be wired just like they are now but through the sky router (i dont want to use wirless at this point)

i look forward to your replies.