I am having a problem connecting to my sky router via wireless when I have my router wired to another pc via an ethernet cable. I find that unless the ethernet computer is booted up then the wireless is really slow and unusable. However if i unplug the ethernet cable the wireless is fine and really fast. If i then plug the ethernet back in wireless grinds to a halt.

This only occurs when the ethernet pc is shut down but there is main power to the computer. E.g. meaning the computer shows up on the router as connected but the computer is not powered up. If i unplug the ethernet pc from the mains electricty then it does not show up on the router as connected and wireless works fine. I have never had problem with either computers running wireless/hard wired before, until i got this sky router.

I have been through the forums and tried all the recommended actions. I am running WPA PSK and have tried modes b & g, g and auto 108 with no luck.
I have also looked in the admin console and the ethernet computer does not show as a connected device when the computer is shut down, however the LAN port is lite up.

Any ideas would be much appriciated