Hello, have just got connected with Sky Max today and have been having a few problems with a server ive been running in the past. Basically me and a few people have been developing our own MMORPG which we have currently been beta testing for a few months. The server runs off my machine with the SQL database it uses on another LAN machine.

Now the problem is anyone outside my LAN attempting to connect gets a server unavailable message. The server uses ports 7000 (login server) 7100 (character server) and 7200 (game server) now, these port ive forwarded on the new router (which by the way is awfull).

The client people use to connect obviously has my ip in there, so i got my new sky ip and gave them an updated client, but when using whatismyip.com i get an IP of 87.84.79.xxx (this IP never changes) and when looking at the router status page i get and IP of 90.194.186.xxx (this changes everytime i reconnect) Ive tried using a web redirect by using a no-ip DNS host and both gave the no server error. So why does whatismyip give me 1 IP and my router gives me another?

The next problem is, if anyone tries to ping my IP address they get a responce from 89.200.130.xxx with TTL expired in transit.

So does anyone have any ideas?