I recently moved and changed from a (problem free) BT router to the Sky Sagem 2504, wired connection, with a simple set up wall -> ADSL filter -> Sky router -> PS3. There also 2 PCs connected via ethernet to the router, which both maintain solid green connection at all times.

The basic problem is that the PS3 will connect to the network for around 20 mins, then drop the connection. This happens regardless of what the PS3 is doing. The connection light on the router is green and normal until the network drops, then I get error 80710102, and the PS3 connection light on the router goes out, as if the cable has been pulled. The PS3 then claims that there is no ethernet cable plugged in at all. After power resting both the router and the PS3, the network returns, again for 20 mins.

The PS3 is one of the original models, so it is fairly old. Though it worked fine right up until the Sky router.

I have read through this thread below and tried everything in it but nothing works.

PS3 DNS error-- How to solve it!

IP address….
Primary DNS……
Secondary DNS...
Proxy Server… Do Not Use.

I tried the settings above as the thread suggests
switching off UPnP at both router and PS3
Changing MTU value to 1800 at both router and PS3
I tried wireless connection, similar result, just different error message.
Changed around the ethernet cables to one that I know works.

Anyone have any idea why it drops after 20 mins?? it seems weirdly consistent. I thought it was the UPnP half hour check, but it still happens after I switched it off.

Cheers for any help!