I have been a live sky broadband max customer now for the past 2 weeks and it is very interesting to read all the comments posted , I am getting slightly frustrated with intermittent dropped connections I have tried various suggestions posted on this forum and as yet have been unable to resolve the problem.I was previously with tiscali using a linksys router and wireless adaptor in my laptop and never once had a problem, I am fairly convinced I have either some sort of problem with the netgear router or some conflict. with norton internet security.Within my router settings I haveUPnP unchecked wireless setting mode Auto 108 Mbps,the best download speed I have achieved is 4771 kbps and my noise margin is averaging 6.9 db.Incidentally i do have my computer set with a static ip address so I can forward ports for different software.Sorry if the above is long winded but this is the first time I have entered any forum,any help would be appreciated.