i recently got a new router from sky as my old one was on the blink. so i set this up it runs beatuifully everyone can connect to it no problem. so im just looking around the router and i see the log page is full of entires concerning MY I.P. adress. at every 10 minutes the log reports back that there was a failed log in attempted with the attemp originating from my I.P.. the odd thing is during these times i haven't had a problem with the net (no disconnects or slow downs) but the fact that the failed log in attempt comes from my I.P. worries me that i may have somehow been comprimised secuirtywise. one thing that comes to mind is that my pc is using vista and i also happen to know that this OS has a feature in it that searchs for new wireless connections every ten minutes (to see if theres another faster connection you can connect to) and i was wondering if its possible that vista is causing these log entries to occur. they dont occur when my pc is turned off. any ideas ?