Ello there new user / long time lurker

would like to theres some good info here
Comunity seems nice also...

Can ye help me solve my issue please !?

inbound / outbound
9000 tcp/udp
8000,8006 tcp/udp
directed to my internal ip

dydns hostname reports status good (working)

9000 tcp/udp is the main service
8000,8006 tcp/udp is server chatter (disregard)

All looks right in configuration but no one can access the service on port 9000
including myself...

(service running but no one home)

I have done this config before last year and it worked fine...

those "magic" port checkers report my ports are closed or (timed out)

i have spoken to many guru's now about this and we come down to conclusion that the routers configuration must be buggerd itself...

As this works set as dmz (which i dont want to run)

please any suggestions been going at it two weeks now and no joy

and if your interested what im trying to achive heres a link Opensim

cheers guys !