Hi guys,

New in the forum

I have a routher DG934G which I thought I had under control

I have my FW rules set up so any HTTP income traffic is diverted to my IP, where I have a server responding. All working just fine.

I know how another device with a web interface an I changed the rule so all inbound traffic was sent to instead.

I changed it, I saved and applied the changes, but....... traffic is still send to my previous IP. I've tried everything: restart the router, disable the rule, delete the rule even, but I can still access the server, which is really scary.

Interestingly, I don't receive any more HTTP logs, but I can still access the original server.

I remotely connected to my router from work and I'm wondering if that's the case, although I don't see why.

Now, if I have delete the HTTP rule from the FW, how is my router still accepting inbound traffic for this port?

Thanks for your help,