First post as just got Sky BB.

Used wireless N internal network based on DGN2000 router. This set-up was great on Eclipse. Migrated to use unlimited BW but the new Sky (Sagem) router has some serious drawbacks in regard to the firewall setup.

I wanted to use the DGN as the DSL/Router but having replicated the Sagem logon/password it was clear the router web access was being blocked as the only site I could connect to was google. Swapping immediately with the Sagem fixed the problem. I then turned off the Sagem wireless and used the DGN as the wireless Access Point hardwiring the Sagem as a DSL modem. This is fine as it stands and works.

I then wanted to implement an outbound firewall policy much as I had built on previous routers but since the firewall operates on the DSL port I had to do this on the Sagem.

Firstly the logs are pretty unitelligible and have to be saved manually. This is very poor when it also appears you have no way to transmit the logs once full so getting data is not contiguous.

Further the rule set-up process does not add a note in the logs when the firewall rule is activated. This is very useful in adding rules.

Next I believe rule processing isn't done sequentially. I added a BLOCKALL rule as the last one after a large number of services and it completley blocks access irrespective as to whether an 'ALLOW' rule appears before it. In effect it is NOT a firewall at least as I know it for OUTBOUND traffic control. If the rules are enumerated in reverse this may be the problem, (i.e. last in the table first), but then I cannot promote the BLOCKALL roule to the top without deleting them ALL as no provision is made for changing rule position as in the Netgear.

If anyone has successfully set-up outbound rules I'd like to know!!